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Tooth & Claw, Django/Zorro, and Thor: Comics Collection Nov. 13

Marla Desat | 13 Nov 2014 21:00
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thor 2

Thor #2

So Marvel's chosen to be all mysterious and coy with the identity of its new female Thor. And while I'll admit to being a tad annoyed that I hadn't discovered the name of the person behind the mask by the end of issue 2, those feelings were very much outweighed by my sheer enjoyment of the book itself. With Thor: God of Thunder Jason Aaron mastered using Thor as a tool for epic storytelling. In Thor issue 2, he's clearly heading down a different but equally entertaining path.

Without spoiling too much, the new female Thor spends much of the issue basically just trying to get a handle on her powers. This results in a lot of dialogue where she's actively trying to ape what male Thor would do and say, with frequently humorous results. In fact, while there are some obvious differences, she almost reminded me of the Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel. As anyone who reads that book can tell you, that's currently some pretty high praise.

Favorite Moment: "Oh, man. Oh, wow. Quick say something badass."



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