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Marla Desat | 13 Nov 2014 21:00
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rocket raccoon 5

Rocket Raccoon #5

After wrapping up its first story arc in issue #4, Rocket and Groot take a break to go camping with some Space Scouts. Gathered around a campfire, Rocket regales the young aliens with tales of adventure and derring-do. When Groot suggests a story that Rocket isn't interested in telling, the large tree-like alien tells the story himself, using, of course, the only words he has: "I am Groot." Those three words, and fill-in artist Jake Parker's expressive art, tell the story of Rocket and Groot following a complicated map to an unexpected treasure.

Rocket Raccoon is a joyful standalone issue. Having Groot tell a story is just as hilarious as you might guess, and Skottie Young has punctuation and pacing working overtime to deliver engaging dialogue using only three words. Young has been both writer and artist on the series so far, but this issue brings in Jake Parker to give Young a break as artist. Parker's style meshes perfectly with Young's, retaining the Saturday morning cartoon feel as well as the background gags and wild explosions that have made me adore this series.

Favorite Moment: "We want to hear the one with the map!"

- Marla

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