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Marla Desat | 13 Nov 2014 21:00
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terrible lizard 1

Terrible Lizard #1 of 5

This limited series from Oni Press is all about a teen girl and her T. Rex becoming friends and battling kaiju-like prehistoric monsters. Jess lives at Cosmos Labs, where her father is working for the military on temporal displacement technology. When the experiment goes awry, a Tyrannosaurus Rex is ripped from the distant past and brought into Jess' life. The dinosaur forms an instant connection with Jess, which becomes helpful when mutant monsters begin to attack. Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Drew Moss, what really stands out in this first issue is Moss' dynamic and powerfully drawn T. Rex. As a book about monsters, communicating that scale and power is key, and Moss nails it.

Terrible Lizard is a little simplistic at times. The military men are violent and aggressive, her father is distant and dedicated to his work, and her mother seems to be out of the picture. However, the fun premise, lovely art, and deeper themes of lonely adolescence and unexpected friendships will keep me reading. And the kaiju fights. I'm a sucker for kaiju fights.

Favorite Moment: "A lot of things are built here at Cosmos Labs... but lasting friendships... not so much."

- Marla

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