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Marla Desat | 13 Nov 2014 21:00
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captain marvel 9

Captain Marvel #9

Intergalactic rock star and mutant teleporter Lila Cheney needs Captain Marvel's help to avoid a diplomatic incident. As a child, Lila's powers were poorly controlled, and so she often teleported across the galaxy, discovering planets. In the process, she became betrothed many years ago to the Prince of Aladna. Now that Prince Yan is ready to marry, Lila wants out of the deal and asks Captain Marvel to help. That means negotiating a solution with the rhyming aristocrats of Aladna, and navigating their social customs.

This issue is a writing feat, with almost all of the dialogue delivered in rhyming couplets. It's even more impressive that writer Kelly Sue Deconnick is able to craft rhyming dialogue that fits the established characters she's writing, with Cap, Tic, and Lila all rhyming in their own way. David Lopez's art continues to deliver solid action and subtle maneuvering, creating all new-alien worlds for the intergalactic Avenger to explore - and punch! If you were looking for a good place to start reading Captain Marvel, issue #9 is a great place to jump on, as the series gears up for a new story arc.

Favorite Moment: "They speak in rhyme all the time. Like a song-play along."

- Marla

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