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Dana Massey | 31 Jan 2008 15:11
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<~DelmarWynn> {Arenammo}leobassist: How important the PvE content will be to the PvP/RvR content, Will the best itens, money be in the PvE, or it will only be a EXTRA to the game experience?
<@[WAR]Wheeler> The best gear is gained via RvR actions, but there is a variety of ways to gather items.
<@[WAR]Gersh> High end PvE content will net you some sweet loot
<@[WAR]Gersh> but we're also matching those rewards in RvR as well
<@[WAR]Gersh> ultimately like Brian said the very best gear will come from Capitol City events which is primarily RvR but does have some PvE components as well
<@[WAR]Josh> The question's a TAD misleading, as there will be really great, high-level stuff available from both PvE AND RvR combat. You won't be able to get all of the absolutely best stuff in the game without playing through both parts of the world. With that said, the ultimate, super-awesome items will come from City Siege and capture. Just remember that invading an enemy city opens up new PvE content as well, so it really is a synergy of the tw
<~DelmarWynn> SD|Skwisgaar: About collision detection, how potent will it be? I‚€ôve noticed in some videos that people were almost not hindered at all. Ex: Will we be able to maintain a tightly knit formation, say, a shieldwall, which would be effectively the blocking enemy players at strategic chokepoints like hallways and gates?
<@[WAR]Gersh> Players will be able to Push through Collision but only after a period of time (A few seconds) this is to prevent AFK greifing etc
<@[WAR]Gersh> however collision will work very well for stopping or slowing an assault esspecially if your blocking a doorway
<@[WAR]Gersh> that is why we added knockback to the game =)
<~DelmarWynn> Bhazrak: Are there going to be different weapon skills, such as alash/blunt/pierce, or axe/hammer/sword, etc?
<@[WAR]Gersh> We have a few diffrent weapon types
<@[WAR]Gersh> however outside of the diffrence between Hand Weapon , Great Weapon (2h) and Dual weild there is not any huge diffrence between them
<@[WAR]Gersh> The primary diffrences come in auto attack speed.. We didn't want to lock in specific bonuses to weapon type since so many Iconic Careers in WAR are locked into a single weapon
<@[WAR]Gersh> like Warrior Priests and Hammers
<~DelmarWynn> esloan: Are healers going to be able to be in the thick of things from a RvR standpoint? I know that they have to do less damage and take less to balance things out, but it would be nice if they could hold up while in the middle of combat and not just heal all the time!
<@[WAR]Josh> Wow. Adam DOES love to talk.
<@[WAR]Josh> Anywho...
<@[WAR]Gersh> Thats why YOU get to answer this one
<@[WAR]Josh> We have a wide variety of healers in WAR - some of which are more robust than others when it comes to damage absorption. The Warrior Priest and the Disciple of Khaine are actually DESIGNED to be in the thick of the fight. They're extremely limited in what they can do unless they have an enemy to beat or (or - in the case of my beloved Disciple - stab relentlessly).
<@[WAR]Josh> So if your dream has always been to heal AND beat a bad guy over the head, you're in luck!
<~DelmarWynn> Nenwe: Battlesystem question is it like in Daoc that you need to wait for the autoattack rotation to execute your attacks or do you have those instant strikes like in some other games?
<@[WAR]Gersh> WAR doesn't queue up attacks to an auto attack timer
<@[WAR]Gersh> Hit a button and things happen
<@[WAR]Gersh> However Auto attack is like a heart beat and will always be doing damage throughout the fight
<~DelmarWynn> Basin|Dynatos: How is the targeting for hybrid careers set up? For example, Vanguard allowed two different targets: one friendly (for healing purposes), and one hostile (for damage purposes). Do you plan on doing something similar for WAR?
<@[WAR]Gersh> Yup, we're working on a number of features to make targeting a little friendlier
<@[WAR]Gersh> In our latest beta builds we've introduced a Dual target system that will allow a player to keep a Hostile target and a Friendly target
<@[WAR]Gersh> as a result there are a number of Careers who also have transfer abilities... The warrior priest is a great example where one strike can damage his foe, and then inspires his friend with a nice stat buff
<~DelmarWynn> Mandor: no comment at this time unless Gabe wants to hint at the city dungeons which aren't RvR (aka DF)
<@[WAR]Gabe> sure
<@[WAR]Josh> haha
<@[WAR]Gabe> Cities will have dungeons
<@[WAR]Josh> THAT'S no question.
<@[WAR]Josh> It's a BATTLE STATION!!!
<@[WAR]Gabe> if you own the city
<@[WAR]Gabe> then you have access to them
<@[WAR]Gabe> if you siege the enemies city then you will get access to their dungeons
<@[WAR]Gabe> i.e. Altdorf sewers

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