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Dana Massey | 31 Jan 2008 15:11
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<~DelmarWynn> [OTG]Mandor: I know sieging will enable certain city vendors. Will there be any 'Darkness Falls' type dungeons that will be unlocked through RvR accomplishments?
<@[WAR]Josh> Gabe clearly has PSYCHIC POWERS. He PREDICTED that question!
<@[WAR]Gersh> OOOH Scary!
<@[WAR]Gabe> if Destruction conquers then they will have access to Altdorf sewers
<@[WAR]Gabe> and vice versa
<@[WAR]Josh> Dear lord... these sewers are FULL of rats.
<@[WAR]Gabe> if order conquers Inevitable City they will have access to the dungeons there
<@[WAR]Josh> At least... I THINK those were rats.
<@[WAR]Josh> Really BIG rats. Let me just look around the corn- AAAIIIEE!!!!
<@[WAR]Gabe> Rats the size of a human?
<@[WAR]Gersh> At least it had a rat head sewn onto it
<@[WAR]Gersh> somewhere....
<@[WAR]Gabe> Nonsense. Silly peasant.
<~DelmarWynn> [WHA]Eldaris: Any words on prepaid game cards and other unconfirmed ways of payment?
<@[WAR]Josh> I have miraculously survived the sewers!
<@[WAR]Josh> We're looking into a number of payment options and plans, but won't be announcing them until closer to launch. Though I have it on good authority that Marketing CAN be bribed with whiskey and cake, which could get the information out a BIT faster.
<@[WAR]Robert> depends upon the whiskey
<~DelmarWynn> OnlyWarPlaty: t's my understanding that regiments can earn abilities. Would you please give us an example of one or elaborate on what we can expect?
<@[WAR]Wheeler> Groups which are together for a long time will have abilities endowed upon the group leader like you say. One example of that is summoning players to your position to help keep groups together =)
~DelmarWynn> LotD|Niix: How much effect will PvE have on PvP success? Will PvP-oriented guilds be forced to man a successful PvE effort in order to be competitive in PvP?
<@[WAR]Gersh> Short answer is No
<@[WAR]Gersh> You can choose to play how you want , good rewards will be availible in both paths
<@[WAR]Gersh> and you'll be able to succeed in PvP without having to PvE
<@[WAR]Gersh> Even more so since we hinted some of the best items come from Cap Cities =)
<~DelmarWynn> Yohnstoppable: How will the chicken system work on open rvr servers? If you are in a pve area it won't turn you into a chicken on entry, so will they be turned into a chicken upon attacking a lowbie player?
<@[WAR]Wheeler> We're still working out the details of PvP servers.
<~DelmarWynn> muffin: How is loot alocated between the classes when it comes to quest, dose all classes chose from the same choices, or are the quest rewards diffrent for every class?
<@[WAR]Josh> We've been very careful to try and guarantee that players get rewards they can use. This comes in the form of relatively standard things like career-tailored quest loot, but also comes in more unusual forms like the PQ loot system that ALWAYS gives you a choice of an item you can use or gold or both. Nobody who earns PQ loot will ever get junk loot from the process.
<~DelmarWynn> Mograth: Will capturing or defending keeps and towers result in bonus reknown points being awards to the attackers or defenders ala DAoC?
<@[WAR]Wheeler> Yes =)
<@[WAR]Josh> Brevity is the soul of wit, folks.
<~DelmarWynn> Pixystix: Being a former DaoC and Ultima online player, I have a question in How important will gear be? In WoW gear was 90% of the game, which took away the fun of PvPing sometimes when it was literally impossible to kill someone who had a significant gear advantage to you?
<@[WAR]Gersh> in WAR gear will matter
<@[WAR]Gersh> Weapon DPS adds to Melee Character attacks, and a solid 40% or so of a player's stats is from Gear
<@[WAR]Gersh> that being said we've designed the loot system and the stat system to allow for a nice broad competitive range
<@[WAR]Gersh> So two players of similar level and similar skill can always compete regardless of gear.. Of course the better geared player will have an advantage
<@[WAR]Gersh> but there are ways around that, such as choosing the right tactics =)
questions to [QT]Otters
<~DelmarWynn> also general chat is in #warcry
<~DelmarWynn> onto the next question
<~DelmarWynn> Loki: What types of ranged weaponary will be availible?
<@[WAR]Josh> Quick note folks - We don't have time to respond to private messages. If we don't respond, we're not being mean, we're just busy.
<@[WAR]Gersh> All players will get a ranged attack , most tanks etc just get access to a simple throwing axe or knife
<@[WAR]Gersh> However the ranged Missle careers get access to a variety of weapons in their specialization... Engineers for example have a variety of rifles and pistols at their disposal

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