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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Dev Chat Log

Matt Lowery | 10 Apr 2008 01:46
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<DelmarWynn> MrPirate[Rackham]: Has it been decided what type of social spaces will be include things such as a player owned houses, taverns, shops, etc..?
<[FLS]Joe> Player housing and social spaces are still a ways out, but we've got some early ideas about what spaces we'll have.
<[FLS]Joe> As Rusty mentioned, your own Captain's Cabin is a big one.
<[FLS]Joe> On top of that we're looking at taverns, mansions, hotel rooms, offices, etc.
<[FLS]Joe> We aren't aiming at spaces for your own personal house so much as spaces for you to hang out with other people.
<DelmarWynn> Maximilian: Will ship deeds ever be allowed to be carried via personal inventory since in fact it is a deed for a ship work order?
<[FLS]Taelorn> No, ship deeds will not move to personal inventory. They are the pinnacle of the economy, and such economic goods are vulnerable to piracy.
<DelmarWynn> Mike: Will there be the ability in the future to post orders of wanted items, to have them filled by players?
<[FLS]Joe> Yes, buy orders are something we've long wanted to add.
<[FLS]Joe> I don't know exactly when they'll get to the top of the list, but they are certainly on our list.
<DelmarWynn> Pyromedik: What are the short- and long-term plans for revision and expansion?
<[FLS]Rusty> I'm assuming you mean revision as in continual updates to the game vs. expansion which means buying a new box with additional content.
<[FLS]Rusty> We're much more interested in continual expansion of the game rather a big paid expansion.
<[FLS]Rusty> We have a LOT of improvements we're planning on making, and I want to focus our development efforts there so we have constant updates for you instead of going for six to twelve months with very little new to show, and then asking you to spend money on a new box.
<DelmarWynn> cknoos: Q: Will you be adding additional high-level (40+) spawns in other parts other game world, so as to relieve the pressure off of the Antilles?
<[FLS]Taelorn> Right now, our focus is on getting the appropriate density of spawns are ports and not changing the levels of spawns at a given port. The Antilles is supposed to be high-pressure, as most of the PvP focus is directed there.
<[FLS]Taelorn> That ranges from the spawns to the resources.
<[FLS]Taelorn> However, that doesn't mean there won't be high level spawns in other areas, but the person who's working on the spawn system isn't here to say for certain.
<DelmarWynn> Keline_Fraser: Since you made SOL less viable for OS combat, are you planning on giving NOs a superfrigate that can keep up with Hercules MC or Pirate?
<[FLS]Taelorn> No. Those frigates are the realm of Privateers and Pirates, not Navy. If I did that, the immediate follow-up would be asking for SOLs for Pirates/Privateers.
<[FLS]Taelorn> We are making skill changes that should help navy solo survivability without altering their current group role or displacing privateer soloability.
<DelmarWynn> TheMaster42: How do you pronounce 'Capricieux'?
<[FLS]Taelorn> Capricieux.
<[FLS]Aether> Yeah, that sounds right.
<[FLS]Rhaegar> Yup thats how I say it.
<DelmarWynn> Gibbons: When are you going to change the Privateer career boarding buffs?
<[FLS]Taelorn> 1.4.
<[FLS]Aether> Which refers to our build. We are currently working to get build 1.3 to our testbed server, to give you a sense of timing.
<DelmarWynn> MrPirate[Rackham]: Are there any example you could give us on for abilities of the governor of a player governed port?
<[FLS]Joe> We don't have anything like a final list of powers for governors, but the short list includes: Setting tax rates, investing in port improvements, and deciding how open the port is to players from other nations.
<DelmarWynn> Krull: will you be adding a better switch to ship function soon? I hate having to manually drag all my stuff over
<[FLS]Joe> it's on the UI Strike Team's list for when they get to inventory and economic systems.
<[FLS]Joe> That will likely be during the summer.
<DelmarWynn> ArianaDeRoze-Blackbeard: How can you adjust an NO so that he can PvP on the OS without having to get a 6v6 group? Currently I can never catch a pirate, with the amount of sail repairs they get, as well as the speed bonuses. As soon as you bring out more than 3 ships, all the PvPers scatter to the winds.
<[FLS]Taelorn> Speed is a hugely complicated issue. Basically, if you're trying to catch a pirate with all speed skills on a navy then it's not going to work. We're going to be making changes to one navy career chain that will make them more viable solo, but it's not going to mean they suddenly displace privateers.
<[FLS]Taelorn> Generally, catching another PvP'er in 1vs1 is hard because you're both going to be rigged for speed.
<[FLS]Taelorn> When someone has abilities that help them get short-term boosts, or things like dump guns that are used for fleeing, then it creates a larger gap.
<[FLS]Taelorn> Navy solo viability won't be aimed at catching speed-rigged ships.
<DelmarWynn> Swiss_Mercenary: Are we going to see other Port Battle, AvCom and instance maps?
<[FLS]Rusty> Yes, now that we've finished off the new French capital. The capitals are enormous projects and take up most of the team, so we're turning our focus over the next few milestones to adding more rooms.
<[FLS]Rusty> There are some new AVcom rooms in 1.3, and we're going to be adding a lot more (both AVcom and for ships) in 1.4 and 1.5.

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