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Darkfall Dev Journal #20: Fan Answers & Three Screenshots

Dana Massey | 21 Dec 2007 18:06
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Human Male (Exclusive)
Human Male (Exclusive)

In this journal I'd like to spark some debate on something we're thinking on, and another post on the community forum is what inspired me to ask here. As many of you know, mixed race clans are possible in theory, however NPC guards, and vendors make it hard for the race incompatible clan members to coexist in the same cities. Furthermore, the game makes it hard. If a mixed clan is located in a human area, then their alfar and orkish members will have it a lot harder than the humans. We have some leeway to limit the NPC reaction within the clan cities if we have to. As things stand right now during internal testing, NPC guards don't attack clan members, capital city guards do however attack enemy races. We'd like to hear some opinions, and various options of this will of course be heavily tested during beta. One problematic scenario I can imagine is a clan coming into the game not fully versed on Darkfall particulars and their members chose incompatible races. That, plus a possible one character per server setup could force someone to delete their character when they realize it's going to be too much of a pain in the ass. I can see that happening a lot actually. As with everything else we don't want to make the game annoyingly restrictive so we'll be looking at this carefully, and some initial feedback based on this information here would be nice.

On taking trophies from dead opponents: We planned to include head-taking to accessorize with but we don't have time to implement this by launch. It goes without saying that we'll patch it in when its priority ranking comes up. For the time being your trophies are your statistics of details on all your kills, and your looted items from your victims.

I was asked recently what the plan is after Darkfall. This was a relevant question because it was asked in a business context and you have to look into the future. The reason I mention this is because I saw a similar question in the community forum. The philosophy behind Darkfall is to give players what they've been asking for, to improve heavily on what was already out there, to not be afraid to try new things, to take player freedom to new levels. We'll continue developing the game throughout its lifecycle under this philosophy, and continue to do this with subsequent games. At least that's the plan. It's entirely possible we'll see a lot of cool features we haven't even discussed or even thought of yet finding their way into the game while Darkfall is live and we've kept this in mind throughout the development process. A year after launch Darkfall will probably be a much different game that what it starts as.

In another thread I was checking out, the poster was talking about how in the Darkfall videos he's seen so far, combat seems pretty simple and how it appears to be just a matter of timing - or something to that effect. I really beg to differ here. This is real-time combat. Weapon range, weapon swing, they matter. Timing matters. You have special attacks. The location where you hit your opponent matters. Friendly fire is on. Collision detection is on. You can push people, you can box them in. You have more weapon choices than you can imagine. You have to lead the target with your ranged weapons. You aim your spells, you aim your attacks. You have mounted combat, naval combat, cannons, warhulks, hundreds of spells. What else is possible? Something I don't think we've mentioned before is that you can hit multiple opponents with one swing. So if you're fighting with a polearm right next to your clanmate there's a chance if you're not careful that you'll nick him along with your target. If you're charging players using a mount and slice at them you could cut down a few of them if they're running in a bunch. Lots of fun really, but definitely not simple.

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