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Darkfall Dev Journal #23: Tasos Answers 29 Fan Questions

Dana Massey | 25 Jan 2008 16:19
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Fan Question: Will farming provide a challenge or will it just be a grind fest?

Tasos Flambouras: Farms are mostly located inside and around clan cities. Farming is a harvesting and logistical exercise. You also have to control who is using your farm. You can deplete a farm's resources but they'll grow back, so careful management is required for maximum yield.

Fan Question: Can items be recycled (turned into gold or resources)?

Tasos Flambouras: They can be recycled by selling to a vendor or another player, by crafters modifying them, and there was a salvage skill which is not active at the moment for economy balancing reasons. We may or may not reintroduce it.

Fan Question: Will there be any way to visually detail the items you craft? i.e. If my clan had a logo or emblem would i be able to visually put it on my crafted items

Tasos Flambouras: No you cannot and this is done for practical reasons. The crafted item however has the name of the crafter on it.

Fan Question: What are the requirements to start a clan? i.e. A minimum number of players, charter fee like WoW or a combination of different things?

Tasos Flambouras: There's a small charter fee.

Fan Question: Will ARAC and/or negatively aligned clans be able to hire guards/NPCs? Will ARAC clans only be able to bind to Chaos stones? Will Alfar be able to join clans of other races?

Tasos Flambouras: We're working through different options here trying to make it less annoying for the players who just go into the game and choose a race without knowing the details about the clan restrictions, and then going to their clan and finding out they messed up. It won't be optimal, and a single race clan will have an advantage within its area, but we're making an effort to minimize the pain for ARAC clans. At the same time we're trying to maintain the racial aspect of the game as much as possible. NPC's are an issue and we have several ways of addressing this which will be tested in the beta.

Fan Question: Camera mode. Is it adjustable (changing back and forth between 1st and 3rd), is it forced and can we roll it around if not in combat (aka. with cumbersome system to prevent anti-sneaking tool)?

Tasos Flambouras: You can't see your character's face in Quake unless there's a mirror surface or your character gets killed. In Darkfall you can see it when on a mount, or on a ship, or when you're on your back incapacitated. We're considering a vanity setting where you can look at how pretty your character is without compromising the gameplay.


Fan Question: What are the spell casting mechanics going to be like? Similar to wow? Different casting times for different spells or more like oblivion having them all cast instantly but dig much deeper into your mana pools?

Tasos Flambouras: You have different casting times for different spells depending on the spell. Also different mana usage, reagent burn, and recast time depending on the spell.

Fan Question: Can magic spells *fail* to cast due to skill level?

Tasos Flambouras: Yes they can. It's not to the point of being annoying but it will happen, especially in the first few times you use the spell.

Fan Question: Bardic Spells - Are they in the game, if so what do they do? Can you explain what a "Bard" is like in Darkfall? Instruments required? What kind of instruments do you have? Can you actually play these instruments, or is it the same tune and you simply press a "play" button?

Tasos Flambouras: No bardic spells.

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