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Darkfall Dev Journal #24: Full Freedom Gameplay and Substance

Dana Massey | 28 Mar 2008 21:29
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When you hear character development, most other MMOs start talking character creation. Character development is the substance however. Darkfall's skill system means you can't mess up your character and it makes for the most versatile character development system out there. How many times have you rerolled your character after choosing some weird class you knew very little about? If a game has levels it's going to be a grind plain and simple and you can't sugar-coat that. If a PvP game has levels, the higher levels typically have an impossible advantage so you have to get to maximum level just to be viable and to hope for an even playing field. In Darkfall everyone is viable and can PvP from day one.

We vehemently resist the notion that too much player freedom is a bad thing so we're pushing the envelope wherever we can on that, despite popular opinion.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank the community for their patience, their continued feedback, their initiative, and support.

Thank you for reading.

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