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Artix Entertainment: The 13 Lords of Chaos

Suzie Ford | 6 Mar 2009 11:19
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Previously in AQWorlds you can obtain a new class and rank it up unlocking new skills. We used to call the points that ranked up your armor "Rep" which did not make any sense. They are now called Class Points. Class points are worth more and will level up your class faster than before (almost 50% faster!) This was done for a few reasons. Mainly, Zhoom is currently building new faction system. It will work like many games you have seen before. Each city or major organization in the game will be considered a Faction. You can go on special quests for them to earn reputation points unlocking new shops, cutscenes, classes, special battles, and more. For example, you may choose to do quests on behalf of the evil city of Shadowfall. Once you have done enough quests they might open a special new EVIL SHOP with you.


Evil Players can now access the evil shop in Shadowfall. It is filled with an assortment of dark and deadly items to customize your character with. Also, there is a shop for Good Players in the city of Swordhaven. Currently it is possible to easily change your characters good or evil alignment. However, once we the storylines for the two side have been built up, you choice will become much more permanent and only changeable through a great task.




Who would have guessed that there would be back to back Friday the 13ths! If you really want to know what a Lord of Chaos is, join us after the sun sets on March 13. A live event will be run hosted by the darkest musician/comic book writer/toy maker in the world, Voltaire. (Best known for his songs BRAINS on the Cartoon Network show, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and his comic book, Deady the Evil Teddy) The event will be accessible from any of our game servers (... and after what happened last time we better add some more.) Live events with music inside a Web Based MMO along with massive storyline reveal!? What will we think of next -- this is one event you will not want to miss (you better believe there will be rares!)

Battle on!

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