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EQII: Rise of Kunark - Tradeskills Diaries #3

Dana Massey | 23 Oct 2007 20:10
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Emily "Domino" Taylor gets back to work with two more entries in her series of journals that focus on her role on the design of EQII's tradeskills. The game is rapidly nearly the deployment of its next expansion, Rise of Kunark.

A special note to the entire SOE San Diego team whose office and homes are close to the California wildfires. Our thoughts are with you.

EverQuest II Dev Diary: Tradekills #3
Written by Emily "Domino" Taylor (Game Designer, EQII Tradeskills)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Got that "eat your brains" song Rijacki sent yesterday stuck in my head this morning -- possibly appropriately inspirational for populating a zone like "Shard of Fear" but unfortunately I was planning out tradeskill reaction arts, so it was just slightly disturbing. There seem to be a few different ways technically to get the arts upgrading automatically, and Aeralik was very helpful in suggesting a few alternatives, but when I tested it out on a few the examine text didn't seem to display in an ideal manner. It may be an artifact of the way I was structuring them using a system designed to work off adventure level, but forcing it to look at tradeskill level instead. Aeralik was busy for most of the afternoon so I'll check in with him tomorrow and see if he has any other suggestions that might display better; if not, it may be possible to submit a code request to get it to work the way I want.

Today being Wednesday (how did that happen already, I ask myself) we had a design team lunch, at a Thai place this time. We placed our orders and they asked us how hot we wanted them, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 was the hottest. I picked pad thai at what I thought was a safe rating of 3, but it turned out to be definitely borderline. I'm such a wimp when it comes to spicy food, but I wasn't the only one who'd ordered a 3 and was struggling a bit! Except MissDoomCookie, who ordered 6 and said she could have happily gone hotter. Next time I think I'm going for a 1!

After lunch I checked my bug queue to see whether anything was urgent and was horrified to discover that from yesterday's 40 bugs, I was up to 115. I spent the afternoon bug fixing - some were urgent-ish but most were fairly minor things such as rare recipes returning a few common harvests as a byproduct if you failed to make pristine, which shouldn't happen but is hardly going to kill anyone or seriously imbalance anything. Because of the way QA had done the testing, however, every recipe book that had this problem was logged as a separate bug, so instead of 1 bug saying "alchemist advanced level 70-79 recipes are returning ferrite as a byproduct and should not" I had 10 separate bugs, one for each book -- so it wasn't quite as bad as it initially looked. I managed to get the bug list down to 70, which is still lots, but a good start. Things like typos I'm really not that worried about right now. That took me well through the afternoon however and into the evening and I was feeling a bit cross-eyed by the time I headed home. I really don't know how it got to be Wednesday already, and still so much to do in the week and in the expansion!

Tonight a friend's been shooting me all sorts of old '80s videos on YouTube while I've been trying to work, so tonight's contemplation of tradeskill reaction arts has been set to the music of The Pet Shop Boys, A-Ha, Culture Club, and other people with very big hair. Hmmm, brain-eating zombies in the morning and '80s icons in the evening, it remains to be seen what effect this will have on the overall outcome of the reaction arts! Woodworker art "Rhyme & Reason": +15 durability, -10 progress, and +10% hair size... maybe not.