E For All Show Wrap-Up

Gail Graham | 24 Oct 2007 17:39
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One of the nice little treasures found at the show this year was a gaming vest that could truly change your gaming experience. The vest made by TN Games lets you FEEL where you are being shot. It's not anything I would call pain. It just wasn't exactly comfortable either. You definitely wanted to find the bad guys and kill them so the shots you felt would stop. The vest was just really amazing. If you were shot on your left shoulder you knew you should turn in that direction to shoot your attacker. It is just a new device to add to your gaming experience.

One other little treasure that I found was the Novint Falcon. This is a new controller that is actually a robot. This hardware allows you to actually feel textures, mass and things like the kick of a gunshot. For those of you into fps games this is a gem of an addition to your gaming toys. The kick you feel is adjustable. Currently the Falcon works with about 30 games from Novint and does work with Half-Life.

I truly hope the powers that be rethink this event. What needs to happen is we go back to the one large E3 event. Hold it from Wednesday to Sunday and have the first few days for media then let general public in. We have GOT to remember that if not for the gamers the games and products are not going to exist.

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