Asherons Call: May Z Forze Be Wiz You

Aviendha the Just | 31 Dec 1969 22:00
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Ze clan wiz ze mozt high ranking playerz (mai non?) would like uz to join zhem in zelebrating zheir sucezz.

Just wanted to let you know the Clan Z over on FF (Monarch is Zuizide) just got rank 10 for 156 of its members (I believe this is the largest number of rank 10's in a single clan). Boosting the largest clan and chain on FF (run by Sprawl) with over 300+ members, everyone in the chain over level 100 has rank. You can see our website at http://zchain.doesntexist.com to verify our list if you would like.

Congratulationz on your accomplizhment! You can alzo view zheir Guild Hall lizting here.

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