Okay, I think I've bothered Santa Gaute enough and given the elves in the workshop plenty of food for thought.

Now I throw it to you, the Mitra's Method faithful. I want you to pretend it's you coming to the shopping centre to see Santa Gaute and his happy, little elves. You already know you're getting a good gaming experience and months of fun with Age of Conan, and you can trust Funcom with that because of their stellar track record (Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall), but if there's anything you could ask for of Santa Gaute, what would it be? But just keep in mind the elves in the workshop also have the guidelines of the foreman, Robert E. Howard, to adhere to. And don't forget, be nice to your siblings and Santa Gaute especially because you might just end up with a lump of coal at the foot of your bed this Christmas day.

I'm just about to wrap things up for another fortnight, but I would just like to mention that over the next few months Mitra's Method will move to a once-a-month editorial, but every other gap week in its place will be an exciting exclusive I'm absolutely thrilled to bring you. But wait, there's more! In January there's something else on the horizon which I can't quite tell you about just yet (a few things need to be confirmed first), but let's just say it's bonafide Mitra's Method exclusive, and that you will only be able to read about it here on the WarCry network. So it's with much excitement I implore you to stay tuned!

Until next fortnight, this is Stephen "weezer" Spiteri,


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© Stephen Spiteri, November 2007

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