The Funcom staff will have to forgive me for referring to them as horses (perhaps I can refer to them as "Wyld Stallyns" instead?), but anyway, they are the 'Age of Conan' orcales; the source of all things 'Age of Conan'. It is these people, and the trusted media that they liaise with (myself included *wink*), that are only to be trusted. Okay, the media can be quite opinionated [on occasion], but they're getting their information first-hand, and what's so good about is that it's perfectly okay with Funcom, that is, no one's breaking any NDAs by getting that info out to you. The info from press and other media may not be coming straight from the horse's mouth, but it coming from the horse next to to it is still pretty darned good. But here's my advice: if you see someone posting or disclosing information, and if this person is not a recognisable source (like the popular Santa Gaute, the incomparable Erling Ellingsen, or demonstrator extraordinaire, Jørgen Tharaldsen), then use the measuring stick; how does their information measure up to what is being said by the press or what Funcom themselves has said? If you see discrepancies, inaccuracies, and things that sound just plain dodgy, dismiss it, or at the very least take it with a pinch of salt. This will save you the distress later, trust me, because we can get so caught-up in our involvement in the game that we lose our head a bit and when we hear something even remotely negative, for us it's like the four horsemen of the apocalypse have arrived and the sky is raining with blood and lava. Don't let this happen to you!

imageSo why am I telling you all this? I mean, most of you are quite level-headed anyway and know what's fact and what's crap. As most of you, the Mitra's Method faithful, know by now, I am leaving on a jet-plane for Oslo, Norway in about 10 days' time. Why? I will be representing the WarCry Network at Funcom's fan-site community event held between January 17 and 19, and I will be there with a notepad, pen, digital camera, mini tape recorder, and an empty noggin to retain everything that Funcom feeds me and getting the 411 on all things 'Age of Conan' whilst over there, and here's where I'm calling for your help. You see, I've got my list of questions, and I've even gotten my fellow guild members involved, but if there is anything you would like to know about 'Age of Conan', then shoot me an email with a few of your own questions, and I'll put them to the developers, product managers, community staff, and basically anyone else wearing a Funcom nametag in the Funcom offices (even the cafeteria staff if I have to).

What I give to you is the opportunity to get things straight from the horse's mouth, or at least from the horse right next to it (that's me). So no more speculation, no more dismissing shady characters and their clairvoyance or looking to the stars for answers, and no Chinese Whispers being played here, because I will be delivering a full report of my time over there in Oslo in Funcom headquarters, and you, hopefully, are going to get all of your own questions answered. I'll even hook you guys up with some footage and snaps of the game it looks at that time. To send me your questions, please put in the subject heading "Questions for Mitra's Method, Funcom visit". You can find a link to email address at the end of this article (just after my sign-off), and I'll even give you until Sunday, January 13 to submit your questions.

Anyway, I digress too much...

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