The other PvP "tier" system that could be implemented would be an automatic "apprenticing" system. Working in a way very similar to how PvP zones work in City of Heroes/Villains, a higher-levelled character, when entering a zone, would be lowered to the "level range" of the zone. This, of course, would require that each zone be assigned a level range. For example, Conall's Valley could be a level 20-30 zone, and so if a level 80 were to enter that zone, they would become a level 35 and have access to feats, skills, and other abilities available to any other level 35 of that particular class, or alternatively, have hitpoints, stamina, and mana reduced to what a level 35 of that particular class would have at that level. Keep in mind I'm only throwing out random numbers here, but the principle is that, theoretically, all fights would be even with all players in the play-zone on an even field of play in terms of character ability. The flaw in this system, I can already sense most of you picking out, would be in regards to questing: what if you're a level higher-levelled character just wanting to help out a lowbie friend with a quest or two? Would it be unreasonable to suggest that, even on a PvP or RPvP server, a team could flag themselves as "unattackable", but for questing purposes only (i.e. only when teamed up and doing PvE stuff) to allow higher-levelled characters to utilise their array of higher-levelled abilities?

When it comes to rules enforcement, that is, ensuring the behaviours such as group-ganking (many against very few or one), spawn or resurrection point camping, zone entrance camping, and/or "chasing" another player around a zone attacking them (i.e. harassment), don't occur or, at the very least, are discouraged.

A while ago we were told about a prison or "bounty" system, but information on that in recent months has gone dry, and it wasn't on Gaute Godager's list of thing being cut from the retail version of 'Age of Conan' in his "state of the game" report. I won't re-hash how it's supposed to work, so just use your imagination: naughty people go to prison, and naughty people that haven't been caught yet get a bounty placed on their head. So what constitutes a "naughty person"? In order to constitute this, there will need to be PvP "arbiters", for lesser of a term, on PvP and RPvP servers. The rules may differ between a PvP and RPvP server, but there would need to be a "common law" that both server types would enforce, but all this begins with how Funcom decides on what is acceptable and not, and current beta testers would be an integral part of this process.

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