9. How many endgame raids will there be and will they differ significant in difficulty level? Like a guild will have to gear up in easier instances or raids before taking on the tougher ones?
There will be eight endgame raids at launch, and yes, they will differ in difficulty level. The raid instances are three-tiered, and completing one will unlock a harder one. The equipment attained in the previous one is needed to complete the second (and second to third, etc.) in order to evenly match yourself with the next tier.

10. What can you tell us about crafting in Age of Conan?
Crafting, in Age of Conan, is simple but enjoyable. Unlike other MMOs, there is no craft "grinding" in Age of Conan. You pick up crafting quests from NPCs in crafting villages located in resource zones of the world. There are crafting "levels", and to advance, you have to complete a tier of crafting tasks. Each level grants you access to more advanced/more powerful crated items, which obviously make you very popular to players looking for a finely-crafted piece of armour, a deadly weapon, or a guild looking for an experienced architect to draft them plans for different building types for their guild city.

11. For the guild cities, how many building slots will there be, excluding walls/gates and towers?
I'm not sure on the exact number of building slots, but there will be enough for a guild to build their lookout towers, walls, plus other essential structures including buildings or structure-types that may grant bonuses to the guild's crafters, a buff to a particular class during a siege, etc. Guilds will have the freedom to pick and choose the structures they want in order to give them the effect or advantage sought for.

12. Does taunt work in PvP at all? Can I taunt another player and have them switch targets from say a healer to me the tank?
To the best of my knowledge, taunt does not work in PvP. That would make protecting your healer/squishy teammate(s) too easy, in my opinion.

13. How will the total land mass compare to World of Warcraft and other MMOs? What kind of teleportation or mass transit systems will help us manage the distances?
Age of Conan will boast 185 square miles of total land mass, with some zones as big as four by four (4x4) miles large. For those of us that use the metric system, that's about 479 square kilometres, with some zones as big as six-and-a-half by six-and-a-half kilometres large.

In regards to travel, you will be able to, of course, walk from zone to connecting zone, go on horseback, or take a boat or stagecoach to zones that are a bit further away. Don't forget that Age of Conan utilises zoning technology, so there are loading screens between zones, much like in City of Heroes/Villains.

14. Will the rarity of items (common, rare, epic, legendary etc) indicate the stats and how good the items are?
Yes, items in Age of Conan have a colour-coding/rank system. White items are "normal", green items are "rare/superior", purple items are "epic", etc. Keep in mind though, Age of Conan may not necessarily use that terminology, so simply know that white = normal; green = better; purple = "betterer", etc.


15. How will hybrid classes work in Age of Conan? In other words, at what level will my feat choices affect what fundamental roles I can play in end game dungeons, raid, and PvP as a hybrid class?
The good news about the feat-trees in Age of Conan, is that you're not restricted to one feat-tree if you begin by putting feat points in to the root feat of a feat tree. If you like, you can invest points in the alternate feat-tree to round your character off and truly diversify your character. Even you stay within the one feat-tree, Age of Conan offers diversity within a specific build-type, with different feats and abilities on offer in the same tree. Basically, you can make your character a "specialist" of sorts, or a bit of an all-rounder. There does not appear to be any "must have" feats or abilities, but what ever you pick up, it's going to help. Not choosing a specific feat or ability or not investing a certain amount of feat points in it certainly won't be a hindrance to the player, because as earlier mentioned, there is plenty of opportunity for the player to invest in the other feat-trees (be it "General" or the alternate feat-tree) to augment, enhance, or simply to round-off the build looked for.

16. How badly are you stuck with a certain play style or certain abilities when choosing a class? For example, can a Guardian also be developed into a very offensive character, or are you pretty much stuck with the cookie cutter "tank" role?
See above.

17. Can you cut off more limbs then just the head?
I think this will depend on the client you are playing and what the censorship laws are in your particular region. I personally did not experience any more limb-rending than decapitations, but I did manage to trigger a lot of really cool-looking fatalities with my Guardian (I won't spoil those for you; you'll have to find out about those yourself).

18. How does the damage of the Bear Shaman hold up in comparison to that of the more specialized melee classes?
The Bear Shaman's melee damage is actually quite impressive, and very easily the highest-damaging Priest class. How does it hold-up in comparison to the other melee classes? It's difficult to say, but during beta, I saw a lot very deadly Bear Shamans. If played well, a Bear Shaman could very easily be on top of the kill count for PvP mini-games and the lynch-pin for any raiding or sieging team.

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