29. I wonder if the armour in Age of Conan is separated (like one piece for chest, another for legs, etc.) or in one piece?
Yes. If you wanted to, and provided your character was able to (trained to/unrestricted), you could wear a cotton cap (if you can afford it), heavy-armour arm bands, medium gloves, full-plate boots, etc. Armour pieces are divided into: head; shoulder, wrist, hands, chest, waist/belt, legs, feet, back, neck, and fingers (for rings).

30. From what I've read, you can affix weapons with up to three gems providing different abilities. If you dual wield, can you have six?
If each of your weapons can hold three gems, then yes, two weapons would give you six gems utilised in total.

31. Is there any possibility to change your class in the end-game? Like when you've chosen the Soldier archetype, can you then roll back and forth between Guardian, Conqueror and Dark Templar?
Nope. Once a Guardian, always a Guardian; once a Dark Templar, always a Dark Templar, etc (same applies to other archetypes). If you roll a Guardian and decide later you want to become a Conqueror, you'll just have to roll a new character with the desired class choice.

32. Which class (or classes) in your opinion, makes the most of the unique combat mechanics that Age of Conan is introducing?
Any melee class, honestly!

33. What sort of item decay system is in AOC? Do you need to repair your armour/weapons after taking a number of hits?
There is no decay system in Age of Conan.

34. Can guilds declare war on each other?
Aside from Sieging? Well, not formally, but if you end up on PvP server of some sort (open PvP), feel free to cut down on rival guild members at your leisure.


35. Do you know how "grindy" the quests are? For example, "kill 'x' thing 'y' times" or "kill collect..." etc.

I really don't want to get sucked into another game where I spend all my time killing rabid badgers for their diseased spleens to make into a badger spleen kebab/soup. I want high adventure, not violent shopping trips!
Ahh, "fed-ex" quests. Yes, there are a few of those quests in Age of Conan, but it's the story/background behind them that makes them unique, as is the case with all the quests in Age of Conan. Killing smaller animals may be required from time to time, but more often than not, you'll also be required to retrieve the head of an outlaw, cut the heart out of Dark Beast, retrieve a half-eaten corpse form a crocodile's belly, cut off a Nemedian's tattooed arm to prove your worth, and so on. The good news is this: there are heaps of quests, so feel to pick and choose at your leisure and attempt the ones you want to do.

35. What types of items can you make/craft?
Anything from building plans (Architect line), gems, potions, swords, axes, bows, crossbows, polearms, cloth armour, medium armour, heavy armour, full-plate armour, weapons with gem slots in them, and so on.

36. Why is there no "good" mage in game? I know that Age of Conan is darker world, but I just always wanted to play that stupid, naive guy, that tries to help everyone. I know that there are some priests witch have some damage spells in spell-book, but, what about pure white mage?
The spell-casters in Age of Conan aren't evil per se; it's just the world they live and the general attitude towards magic, sorcery, and witchcraft in Hyboria. Conan himself is distrustful of magic-users, be he has been known himself to allow assistance by it if it means bringing him a step closer to crushing his enemy's head underneath his boot.

No one's forcing you to play an evil character, even if you choose to play a mage, so by all means: be that stupid, nave guy that tries to help everyone.

Thank you to all that submitted questions, and I look forward to meeting you all in Hyboria!

Until next time, this is Stephen "weezer" Spiteri,


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