Ultima Online
Yojimbo (Lake Superior) a samurai who, up until recently, was content to seek out and wander the beautiful places of the Tokuno Islands. Much of his days were spent in study of Bushido, the code of the samurai, that he holds most honorable to him. He didn't feel the need to venture off the island, having heard and read much about the people of Britannia and their nefarious ways. Happening upon a book of history which went in detail about 'the eight virtues', he became very intrigued as to how closely they matched the precepts of Bushido. So, he is now traveling the paths to visit the ancient shrines and modern cities described in the book to investigate for himself these virtues, and hopefully find others who can teach him more about them.

Anarchy Online
Savosix (Rimor) is a Clan soldier-for-hire, ready, willing, and able to report to any front line where there is a fight against the tyranny of Omni-tek. From his meager apartment in Old Athen, he often marches about the city or over to West Athen quietly looking for the next combat operation to sign up for. In his down time, he's performing constant preventative maintenance on his equipment and replacing or upgrading his weaponry and nano-tech implants, or just chowing down at the local Mongol Meat. Should anyone require his services, his rifle is always at the ready!

I'm looking forward to continuing the story of each of these characters next year, and I'm very sure I'll add a few more to the list. What characters have you had fun with this year? Have you thoughts towards making any news ones next year? Either way, you know where to find me wherever you may need help. Role on!

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