Greetings roleplayers! Introducing a new series under the RoleCraft banner today, one I hope you will enjoy. As you know, creating and experiencing a solid story for a character is one of the main driving forces that keep us playing. I know it is for me, a fact evidenced by the total number of characters I have created across four MMORPGs, now holding steady at twenty-two. So many characters, so little time, as they say.

So what's a roleplayer to do with so many characters and not enough time to play them all in game? Many turn to role-writing, that is, telling their character's story through written form, most often on the forums of their respective MMORPG, or through online blogs dedicated to the life of that character. Some are of such quality that the writers could very well become book authors, maybe the next Robert Jordan or Margaret Weis!

RoleCraft: Storyteller will bring you one of my own written character stories, but with an extra twist. You the reader will have the opportunity to help guide the story of the character! Following is the introduction to a character in World of Warcraft, Wil'amae Sunrose, a blood elf priest who is initiated into the order and now has a world of options before her. At the end of the story you'll find a link to a poll with some of those options. You cast your vote of choices for her, I will take the choices with the majority vote and apply them to her in game, and then play out those choices to see where they take her. What happens to her in game will be what appears in the next edition of Storyteller, and once again you will have the opportunity to continue to make a series of choices as to what happens to her next. This will continue until the end, when and however that may come about.

I'll also be making use of the WarCry forums to continue discussion about her story and any choices not covered in the poll. Should the character's appearance change, like a new hair style? Should she wear any specific RP clothing? What about any special idiosyncrasies she should possess? Feel free to open up any conversation topic you wish, just remember this is an RP story. For those so inclined, you may also keep tabs on her progression via her profile on The Armory. The goal is to see how grand or not-so-grand a character story we can craft. So, let's role on!

Rose of the Sun

The sun rose early this morning, but you are already awake and about, long before the first golden rays stretched their warmth across Eversong Woods. Today is going to be a grand day, after all, and you have had two full days of rest already. Never hurts to get things started right away, and though today will have a bittersweet moment, you're still anxious to see what else the day holds.

The air is always brisk and clean at Farstrider Retreat, some of the main reasons you have spent many days and nights in meditation and solitude here. The last couple of days have been no exception. You've passed much of the time in contemplation, about your past, and about your future. It is always very painful to think about where you've come from and what you've been through, but in order for you to be ready for today, it was a necessary task to face.

Wringing and brushing the water from your hair as you step from the creek that flows below the retreat, you stand for a few minutes and let the warming air dry the water from your skin before quickly slipping into your clothes. Matron Arena and Ponaris will be very pleased, no, make that ecstatic, to know that you have thoroughly washed all your clothes, especially your main priests' robe you'll be wearing for the ceremony. Walking up to the retreat, you give a sly smile as you wonder what they will also think when they find out that you didn't perfume your robe, following suit like those other prim and proper female blood elves do. No matter, you think, they will probably do as they've done since you were a child in their care - just look at you under arched brows and say, "I'm so glad there's only one of you, Wil'amae Sunrose."

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