Dungeons and Dragons: 4th Edition Q&A

Dana Massey | 3 Oct 2007 21:55
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WarCry: So you are looking to help out the indie game developer? These are video games we are talking about?

Iija Rotelli Absolutely, all sorts of games. There are a lot of great games out there, both pen and paper games, and video games that you could get a lot cheaper than those big titles at games stores. We want to help the indie developer get their games to the gamers who want it.

One of the portals we are opening on Gleemax is for Avalon Hill. So we are starting to take Avalon Hill games and digitizing them for multiplayer online gaming.

WarCry: So wait a second. Are you saying you are taking Avalon Hill war games, and basically putting the board online, so and I could play from anywhere around the world with my friends?

Iija Rotelli That's what we are doing. In fact you can look forward to all of your Avalon Hill favorites like Axis and Allies. You will be able to play your friends in that and many other games right on Gleemax. It also works as a great testing ground for our games. Like say we have a new game, but we aren't sure about it, we can put it up on Gleemax, and if it does very well, then look at printing it and releasing it.

Of course our corner stone of all of this is support of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, with Dungeons & Dragons Insider. So with 4th Edition we wanted to keep those players that just want to sit around a kitchen table playing happy, while being able to give something to those players that are maybe not close enough to other gamers to sit at a table, or are looking to enhance their games a bit.

WarCry: To be honest, I'm one of those types of gamers. I now live in New Jersey, moving from Florida, and in order to still play with my friends, we have to use the internet, and about 3 different programs to have a pen and paper game.

Iija Rotelli You are exactly who D&D 4th Edition is aimed at. So with D&D Insider, the Dungeon Master can build his dungeons or maps, you will get your minis, and play right there online. The Dungeon Master gets to set up his map, traps, monsters and such, while the players get to completely customize their characters, the looks, the backgrounds and such, and then drop them right on the map. Think of a character creator from a MMO like WoW. There is a dice roller, so you can see the dice, pick them up and roll them, and everyone will see this. It has built in voice over IP, so you will be able to actually talk to everyone in your group, just like you were sitting at a table.

WarCry: So, what about the monsters, does the DM have all of them? And does the map have any rules with it? IE will it count movement spaces, and attacks of opportunities?

Iija Rotelli The DM has access to all the monsters from the monster manual, so he just drops them in as he wants. There aren't any rules built in, this isn't a video game. It's simply a virtual table top that allows a DM and players to place their maps and play things out. There are so many house rules we didn't want to force anyone to have to play a certain way. However you can set lighting, so players light up about a 30 foot area around them like a torch would, and they see nothing else.

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