Project V.I.L.E. Interview with Ashley Hodgetts

JR Sutich | 31 Oct 2007 14:42
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WarCry: I see on the website that players will have to defend their species? How many different species choices will be available?

Ashley Hodgetts: We are looking at around 6-9 Species per faction, each with their very own abilities and merits. This might go up or it might be reduced once final beta testing is complete.

On top of all of this, players will be able to run offline training, where by players can attempt to complete high level instances on their own with a simulated group to give them basic training in some of the most difficult instances. Obviously, the skill level and exact game play would vary immensely and the outcome(s)/drops would not be saved to the online character. The amount of training would be recorded and could be accessed in game by other players to see that they have that additional commitment.

In societies there are rules, and in Project V.I.L.E. if you are caught breaking these rules, you get punished. Smuggle illegal goods onto a planet, get caught - you go to jail. Raid lowbie areas and get outnumbered, thats right u spend time in that faction's jail system.

What we are trying to push is the fact that in Project V.I.L.E you can break the rules, commit in-game crimes and make a fortune but if you get caught, you have to do hard time in-game. When a player gets arrested, they are fined automatically and placed in a holding instance, where they must remain for a period of time. This time period is real-world time i.e. 2-10 minutes and to prevent them going onto auto run or jump off until the time is up, they will be asked random questions - all of which is designed to keep them at the computer while their character serves the time.

Reputation, PVP points and your trustworthiness will all contribute to your character's attitude. Backstab team mates, commit crimes and deal in shifty business will lead you down the dark path, making you hated by some and respected by others. By choosing a side, you could gain the respect of your government and your fellow faction members and lead them to victory or you could become the most feared player in the universe, gaining an army of followers to claim lands for your very own.

To help friends and new players enjoy the game with friends who already have been well-established in the game, a higher leveled player can mentor a lower level player. This gives the higher level player the ability to earn reputation and points for helping lower players get through the missions.

**Unlike other games where a high level player helping lower players would reduce the points earned by the lower player and even penalize the other high player.

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