Dragonlance Movie Interview with Weis, Hickman and Others

Dana Massey | 3 Jan 2008 21:29
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WarCry: How much time is spent on the "back story"? Will someone not familiar with the Dragonlance setting be able to understand the story?

John Frank Rosenblum: The story is definitely accessible to someone unfamiliar with the Dragonlance saga. This was a goal of the entire production team from the writers, producer, directors and creators. It is an enjoyable film which is especially enjoyable to fans of the books.

WarCry: Who is responsible for the soundtrack and have any cuts been released for download?

John Frank Rosenblum: Karl Prusser created an amazing original score for the movie. He not only recorded in the studio with a full orchestra be he also traveled to record period instruments appropriate to the film. He also worked with Tracey Hickman to create an original song in Elven.

WarCry: Keifer Sutherland, Lucy Lawless and Michael Rosenbaum are confirmed to be three of the voices in the film. Can you tell us why they were chosen for each role and how you landed them? Also, will Sutherland's recent incarceration impact the production schedule?

John Frank Rosenblum: Casting a movie is a group process. The production team members work with a casting director to identify the right actor for the right role, subject to their availability. Keifer Sutherland's voice was exactly what we wanted for Raistlan. Lucy Laweless is iconic and was the perfect choice for Goldmoon. Michael Rosenbaum, who is famous as both Lex Luther and The Flash, is an amazing actor who was able to keep Tannis calm and collected throughout the entire adventure. We were exceedingly fortunate that all of these actors had time in their schedule to work with us. The animation process involves recording all of the actors parts before animating. The actors completed all of the recording sessions over a year ago.

WarCry: What about other voice actors? Will any be covering multiple characters?

John Frank Rosenblum: As with most animated productions some actors will play more than one character but none of the leads play more than one character. This mostly happens for characters with very few lines.

WarCry: What has been the overall community reaction to pre-release movies already on the 'Net?

John Frank Rosenblum: Whenever you work with iconic material you have both the advantages and disadvantages of all of the work that has come before you. When people invest time and energy and emotion into a work or series of works it is impossible to realize what any one person had envisioned inside their head for all of those years. Unfortunately it is impossible to please everyone so some people love our pre-release materials and some people despise them. Our goal was to make a great movie which both fans of the books and newcomers would enjoy. We feel we have done that.

WarCry: What else would you like to add?

Margaret Weis: I want to thank Will and Karl and George and the producers for the dedication and caring they put into this film. It wasn't a job to any of them. Just like the books were for Tracy and for me, this was a labor of love. I really hope that this does well, so that we can do the next books in the series!

And now, our exclusive video clip from the film, which shows Sturm Brightblade:

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