Star Wars Galaxies: SWG WarCry: Interview with Tunso and Pex

Robert Cox | 20 Aug 2007 12:36
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imageIn Part 2 of SWG WarCry's interview series from SOE's Fan Faire 2007 in Las Vegas, we sit down with SWG Systems Designer Mark "Tunso" Halash and SOE Events Manager Jason "Pex" Ryan, and find out a little more about the Storyteller system, the idea behind it, what's in store for the future (space?) and what effect it's had on the game.

Click the video link to the left to check it out and click here to view all our Fan Faire coverage, including our interview with SOE Director of Community Relations Alan "Brenlo" Crosby.

Next up: SWG WarCry interviews SOE Producer Lorin "DeadMeat" Jameson and SWG Lead Designer Thomas "Blixtev" Blair

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