WarCry Q&A: Earthrise

Joe Blancato | 14 May 2008 16:00
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WarCry: What will gameplay be like? How will the average player spend his time in Earthrise?

AA: Earthrise is a skill-based PvP sandbox MMO featuring sophisticated crafting and player controlled territory. An average player can do a lot of things in the game starting from character development through PvE and questing, going through PvP fights with single enemies, Guild vs Guild or the epic territory conquest. Those players who don't want to engage in PvE or PvP fights will find the crafting, trading and social advancement an excellent way of spending their time while online.

WarCry: What is the skill system like? Will there be a lot of grinding, or is the progression fast?

AA: Earthrise will feature a large amount of skills with a wide range of active and passive abilities, further customizable with Tactics that enhance their effects in new directions, allowing players to customize their arsenal of skills to their liking. The game will require players to take on quests and kill many mutated species, regenerate robots or bandits across the island of Enterra in order to advance their skills, but the progression won't require too much of them. In fact, if players want to develop only a small group of highly specialized skills, they can reach expertise fairly quickly, and within a couple months they would be ready to match with the end content, but if they prefer variety and customization that guarantees their survival in many situations, they will have to spend considerably more time on honing their skills in-game. However, player skill remains the most important of them all - both in achieving the best suited build for their taste and how to actually play it well.

WarCry: Could you explain the different factions? Will players be able to join them?

AA: There are two major factions in Earthrise - Continoma and Noir. Continoma is the mega corporation founded before the Third World War, which turned itself into a totalitarian government in Enterra Island after the apocalypse. They want to exercise full control on all surviving humans on the island and believe that this is the only way to preserve mankind. Continoma is a typical representative of the Order alignment. We also have the opposition in the face of Noir. They fight against the Continoma regime and try to attract more followers to their secret base of operations deep underneath the mountains of Enterra. They are representatives of the chaos alignment in the game. Their motto is "Freedom at any Cost". There are also several smaller factions such as Erratic with their cyberpunk style and anarchist way of living, the Syndicate - the ruthless rulers of the Nest, the Red Dragons with their leader, the Blood Duchess Mao, who control the Eastern Gardens area on the island, Natura - Greenpeace of the future and many more.
Players will be able to affiliate with all of those factions by doing certain actions in the game. This affiliation will not be permanent and irreversible. It will not be possible to be favoured by everyone at the same time; players will always have NPC friends and enemies inside Earthrise.

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