WarCry Q&A: Earthrise

Joe Blancato | 14 May 2008 16:00
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WarCry: In the screenshot you provided us, there are rats in the foreground. Will there be situations where you have to "kill 10 rats"?

AA: Providing screenshots with weak, low-level creatures is done on purpose. The more Earthrise advances in development the more cool-looking and unique creatures will be revealed.

We will develop the quest system by dividing it into 2 parts - main story line with chain quests and the so-called missions. Players who want to get acquainted with the story and like to do interesting and unique quests will be attracted by the main story line and chain quests, where "go kill 10 rats" will be missing. The mission quests will be repeatable and will be designed for those players who want to finish a quest quickly without much thinking and with some reward. The "kill 10 rats" quest may be seen there, but will not be the only type.

WarCry: You're from Eastern Europe, which has typically been an outsourcing destination. How does it feel to be developing a game of your own? Do you consider the company to be an ambassador?

AA: Developing a game of our own is the greatest reward for all of us. Needless to say that innovation in games nowadays comes mostly from independent studios and Masthead will not be an exception. We have a lot of cool ideas which will be implemented if not upon release, then in future expansions and future games.
The team is highly motivated and everyone is proud of their work.

WarCry: What are you most excited about, in terms of development?

AA: Apart from the fact that we are developing the game of our own, we are very excited for the opportunity to be part of the great family of MMOs - current and future. The future of PC gaming is in the MMOs and it is great to be part of that process.

WarCry: What's the company culture like? Do you think we'll see evidence of it in the game design?

AA: We are not just colleagues but friends as well. The team consists of young and talented people who are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills. Everyone loves what they are doing and we see Earthrise as our child. Developing a world-class high-quality MMO is a great opportunity and everyone realizes that.

WarCry: What games does the team look to for inspiration?

AA: As I mentioned in my previous interview, Ultima Online and EVE Online are the MMOs that inspired parts of the gameplay of Earthrise, but our players should expect to see many different things that make our game a unique experience such as the skill advancement, the combat system, the open world and the territory conquest and control.

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