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Suzie Ford | 14 Jul 2008 14:59
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WC: Are you all fans of the Godfather trilogy?

JJG: I enjoyed the Godfather flicks, but I have enjoyed many other mafia-centric movies as well, such as Dick Tracy, Casino, Goodfellas, Scarface, The Departed, On the Waterfront, A Bronx Tale, The Untouchables, Analyze This, and of course Road to Perdition to name a few.

BW: I like the Godfather movies, as I like any good gangster/mafia movie.
I enjoyed classics such as The Untouchables, A Bronx Tale, and also lesser known ones like The Last Days of Frankie the Fly. Right now, any movie relating to the 1930's era will be a favorite of mine since it will be used as study material to create the best possible looking characters in the Goon World universe.

ISA: I love the first two Godfather movies, both in their individual forms and in The Godfather Saga. Mario Puzo's novel is also excellent.

JV: I really like the Godfather trilogy. Contrary to the other mafia movies I like (Goodfellas, Scarface, The Departed), the Godfather movies really point out for me the importance of family values, and are done with a style and tempo that you don't see often anymore in movies.

SG: The Godfather trilogy is nothing short of a masterpiece. You will be sure to see some references to The Godfather along with some other great movies while exploring Goon World, but you may have to keep your eyes wide open to notice them.

CZ: You can't deny the genius behind The Godfather trilogy. However, I've always been more partial towards the over-exaggerated mobsters in the Dick Tracy world.

WC: How did the idea for an MMO based on 30's Mafioso-type gangsters come about?

JJG: We thought it would be interesting to bring this new world, the world of the mafia, to the MMO genre, which is typically filled with either fantasy or science-fiction. We wanted Goon World to be a breath of fresh air.

I originally envisioned a photo-realistic game. Then one night I had a nightmare. Cartoonish gangsters were chasing me, trying to kill me. The moment I woke up I knew that was the look I wanted for Goon World.

BW: To add to that, we ultimately also decided to go for a cartoonish look because we felt it would enhance the Goon World experience greatly. The chosen style allows for more immersion of the player into this wonderful world. It allows us to take liberties that wouldn't work in a truly realistic universe. The benefit of that is greatly enhanced gameplay. We can put players in unusual situations, and still have them work in the overall scheme of things. The style itself might be cartoonish, but by no means will it be for 'kiddies'. Goon World is a gritty world. Sure, it's colorful... But still, we're talking mafia here, people.

SG: I would just like to add that I think Justin has been watching too many Roger Rabbit like movies. But the style of Goon World is sure to amaze everyone who gazes upon it.

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