Atlantica Online Executive Producer Q&A

Suzie Ford | 31 Jul 2008 15:05
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WarCry: Introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your experiences in MMO or general game development.

My name is Kim Tae Gon and I am the executive producer of Atlantica for NDOORS, based in Seoul, Korea. I've worked on computer games development for about 15 years. The last seven years have been with NDOORS, creating MMOGs like Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu. From games like that one, we were able to devise Atlantica's guild and town management systems.

WC: When was the decision made to bring Atlantica to North America? What made you feel that it would be successful here?

In its development, we knew we wanted to bring the game to North America, as well as to other parts of the world. Our goal was to produce a game that would be appealing to people all over the world and not be limited to Asia. We think it will be successful beyond Asia because the turn-based combat and mercenary features help the game stand out among MMORPGs, since these are not the norm. Plus, Atlantica takes players on a chase all over the world. The monsters at some of these locations are drawn from the legends and folklore of these areas. So in a way, players experience the culture of these places, bringing more of the real world into the game.

WC: Please give some background of the Atlantica.

Players must save the world by finding the legendary lost civilization of Atlantis. They must go around the world as part of quests and defeat monsters in order to pick up clues that will lead them to Atlantis. But players are not alone in this journey. They can acquire mercenaries who will fight with them in battles, which are all turn-based. And players can also team with other players as well, to try to advance to Altantis faster.
, It took us about three years to develop the game. Most of that time we worked on putting together the turn-based combat system and making sure it worked for an online game.

WC: Why did you decide to use 'real life' locations rather than a traditional fantasy setting?

Atlantica is a globe-hopping adventure, derived from mythology and legends of real human historywith real locations as the backdrop for this journey. Atlantica breaks from the usual MMORPG scenario of a totally fictional world. We like the notion that our game has grounding in reality.

WC: Why did the development direction go to turn-based combat rather than the more "traditional" (these days, anyhow) combat systems seen in other MMOs?

Having the turn-based combat system was part of the original concept for Atlantica. From the beginning, we wanted to create a different kind of MMORPG, and the turn-based system would be one of the main distinguishing characteristics. We liked the idea of having a game with an updated take on classic turn-based gameplay.

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