Atlantica Online Executive Producer Q&A

Suzie Ford | 31 Jul 2008 15:05
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WC: According to another interview, you stated that one of your goals was to reach out to console gamers and introduce them to the MMO genre. Are there any plans to port Atlantica over to consoles?

No, Atlantica is strictly for PCs. We just thought Atlantica's qualities - the mission of uncovering Atlantis and the turn-based combat and mercenary features - would appeal to console gamers, and perhaps be a fun and pain-free way for them to try and transition into the MMO gaming world.

WC: Can PC players use a peripheral gamepad to play Atlantica?

Atlantica is designed to be played with just a keyboard and mouse.

WC: Explain the guild-controlled town system. How can players and their guilds build and control the economies of their towns?

Once a guild takes over a town, they take control of food production and what structures can be built in the town. What players do with those decisions will factor into how the town is scored along these five attributes: Security, Industry, Commerce, Culture and Health. The better your scores for these five traits, the more NPCs will want to move to your town, and the more residents you have the more taxes you can collect. If you don't manage the town well and residents' needs aren't met, then NPCs will leave your town. Guild members can go on town quests that will not only earn them more gold and other items for their town, but it will help to keep their ratings high.

WC: Why was the decision made to limit multiplayer to parties of three? Can players take their mercenaries into battle?

Yes, players can take up to eight of their mercenaries into battle. Having mercenaries is the other key feature to Atlantica. That means a fighting force of nine for one player, including his or hers main character. In the turn-based combat, you have just 30 seconds to assign a move to all of your characters. So you have to think and act fast. This contributes to making Atlantica's action quick and exciting.
For parties, we just thought three would be a good number. With more than three, there would be more than 27 characters on just one side, and that, we thought, would just make the screen look too busy and perhaps chaotic. And two is just too small of a number.

WC: One thing players have noticed during beta testing is the lack of customization of their characters. Will more models be available after the official launch (body types, faces, hairstyles, etc.)?

For the time being, gender, body type, face, hair and clothes will still be the only options players have when they create their main characters. But we do have plans for more options in the future.

WC: Atlantica uses the microtransaction system. Why was this decision made? What types of things will players be able to purchase?

All of NDOORS games use the microtransaction system, and there are no plan to deviate from that. We prefer to give players the option to try out the game without having to pay a subscription fee. If they get into the game, they have the choice to buy things to enhance their experience.
The items available for purchase are the same things you can find in the game, things like scrolls and potions, as well as convenience items like auto-battle. So for players who want to advance faster, they have the option to pick up items like these quicker by buying them.

WC: How much control does a player have over their character's advancement in levels? Are points automatically allotted or do players control which abilities and skills they would like to raise?

Players have a lot of control in how their characters advance. When you go up a level, you earn a bonus point and a skill point, and you can apply the skill point to whichever attribute you prefer, such as strength or defense. The skill point can be used to either boost the effectiveness of a specific magic skill or add a new magic ability to your repertoire. The same applies to mercenaries when they go up a level. You have a bonus point and skill point to raise each mercenary's abilities and skills.

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