Atlantica Online Executive Producer Q&A

Suzie Ford | 31 Jul 2008 15:05
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WC: Will players be able to 'reroll' their characters and re-assign skills at any point?

There are items that can be found or purchased that let players change and re-assign their character's traits, including weapons, skills and even his or hers gender.

WC: What plans do developers have beyond the initial release of Atlantica? Are there any plans for sequels or content additions?

There will be content additions in future updates. We think some of these will be particularly fun for North Americans, as some of the content has been tailored for them. The globe-hopping adventure will most definitely take players to the United States for some intriguing monsters. We hope American players will keep playing to find out.

WC: Are there any plans to expand the races and classes?

For main characters, there aren't any plans to expand classes, which are determined by the weapon players choose. There's only one race for the main character, since he or she is supposed to be a descendant of Atlantis. But there will be additional classes of mercenaries coming out in the future, giving players more options in assembling a fighting force.

WC: Will the world of Atlantica ever be brought to North/South America or Africa?

Yes, all the continents except Antarctica will be represented in the game.

WC: What accommodations have been made for so-called "casual players"?

With the main storyline of finding Atlantis, the action is all PvE, so players can work their way to Atlantis at their own pace, taking on monsters when they have time. We think the turn-based combat system is well-suited for casual players. It's fast-paced and quick, and not something players get bogged down into. There's no hacking and slashing.

WC: What accommodations have been made for so-called "hardcore players"?

Well, we think the turn-based combat will appeal to hardcore gamers for the same reasons. When you put the combat together with mercenaries, the game becomes very strategic. First, you need to choose which mercenaries to take into a fight. Once in battle, you have to decide quickly what move to make for each character. Sometimes you won't want to move a character, because you need to build up his Action Power so he can use magic skills later. Then there's the deep role-playing environment for players to get immersed in. Players can craft, and they can form guilds that take over towns or even nations, if you declare war on them and then beat them in PvP battles.

WC: Is there anything else you would like to add? Please do!

Atlantica, we believe, can appeal to all types of people, with the wide variety of features and elements to the game. You're also exploring the wide and diverse world of the game, with monsters straight out of the myths and legends from all parts of the world. We're working on improving the game even more, adding new content and refining and upgrading the different features in the game to make the Atlantica experience even more fun for all.

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