WarCry Interviews Mark Jacobs About WAR Launch

John Funk | 23 Sep 2008 19:38
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WC: So your concern is that it would be diluted. You'd have half the people saying, "Let's attack the big Black Ark!" and half the people saying, "No, let's go for The Inevitable city!" And in the end nobody would capture either one.

MJ: Exactly. Exactly! "I took the Black Ark already, I don't want to do it, let's go to The Inevitable!" "Oh, but I did The Inevitable five times, let's see if we can..." blah. No, let's focus on two.

Plus, the other thing is - and this just comes from experience - we know we're going to mess up. Everybody does. Nobody gets it right the first time, and sometimes most people don't get it right the second time. So no matter what our cities look like, no matter what the sacking of the cities look like, the RvR setup to the cities look like ... I guarantee you one thing: we're going to find something that we need to change. If we have to change that with six cities? Eugh. Boy, is that a problem. At least with two, it's much easier.


WC: Three times as much work. *laughs*

MJ: Exactly. We can also look at rotating cities in and out, maybe. Maybe we'll rotate Altdorf and Inevitable out, and rotate in something else. We don't know. We honestly do not know yet, because right now, the exact implementation of that plan is not high on my priority list.

Getting the classes that we cut back in? Much higher priority!

WC: Really! So, the four classes are more higher priority than the cities?

MJ: Oh, absolutely! Because if you look at the classes that we cut: the key to the game is RvR balance, right? And choices. We cut out two DPS, two tanks. So it'd be nice to put them back in!

WC: I think the DPS ... the DPS was the Greenskins and the Dwarfs? They still have Ranged DPS, the Squig Hunter and the Engineer. But I think what really hurts is the removal of the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard. Because, say, starting on my Dark Elf, the very first Public Quest: "Oh, we don't have a tank."

MJ: Yeah. And that is a concern - that's one of the reasons we tried to make it very easy to get between the different areas, so you didn't have a big hassle. No, that's a much higher priority for us. Especially when you have some very iconic classes that we cut - the Choppa is hugely iconic. And the Knight is hugely iconic. So yes, that is a much higher priority.

WC: In the beginning of the month, Mark, you mentioned in an interview with MTV that one of the reasons that Warhammer was delayed was because of The Burning Crusade. You felt that you wanted more "water cooler" quests, that would make people go, "Oh, that was really cool!" Obviously - and I'm sure you're sick to death of the comparison, but I think it's inevitable: WoW set the bar high, Burning Crusade nudged it higher. Do you think WAR has set the bar higher still?

MJ: Absolutely. I think if you look at our Public Quests, our Tome of Knowledge ... if you look at the whole RvR setup of the game, I think we have absolutely set the bar higher. I know that at least on one of those, Blizzard tried to meet us, or match us with their Achievements system versus our Tome.

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