WarCry Interviews Mark Jacobs About WAR Launch

John Funk | 23 Sep 2008 19:38
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WC: Yes. Also, love the Tome by the way, it's very fun.

MJ: Thank you! So that, to me, immediately says that we raised the bar! *laughs* When the competition, especially one as talented as Blizzard, sees that they want to do something similar to us - not that we invented the Achievement idea, obviously we didn't - but if we see something in their game that's coming out after our game, and it has something that we are touting, and that they didn't have before ... then it certainly looks like we've raised the bar, haven't we?

WC: I'd think so. You also said in another interview - actually, it might have been the same interview - that one of your goals was to show that it wasn't just Blizzard who can make a great MMO. Paul Barnett said that WAR at launch was better than WoW at launch, and I think you'd concur. I think a lot of people would agree that WAR has a lot more content. The trouble is, and I think this is something that you're obviously going to have to deal with - that you're not going up against WoW at launch. In a few months, you're going to have a rather large storm about to hit with the new expansion.

MJ: Mm-hmm.


WC: If I were, say, a WoW player who was playing WAR, what would you say to me to keep me through the launch of Wrath of the Lich King?

MJ: Hmm. If you're having fun in our game. If you love what you see, then why should you go anywhere else? If you're happy with a new game, with new mechanics, with new ways of doing things. With continuing on with your adventures in a world that's going to continue and grow and expand rapidly - well then, you should stay. If you love RvR? Our whole game is RvR. Our PvE is there, and it's meant to be as strong, but this is an RvR-centric game. This is not an afterthought, this is not something that's bolted on. I'm not referring specifically to WoW here, just saying that if you look at what we've done with RvR, the way we've weaved it through the entire game, nobody else has that. So if that's what you like? You should be with us.

WC: All right! So, just a few final questions here: Where do you think the game is strongest now, and where do you think it's weakest and needs the most shoring up - and how are you planning on doing that?

MJ: RvR is where it's strongest. Crafting is where it's weakest. So, ah ... the crafting system is very good, it's very innovative. It's deep, but it's not *wide*. If you look at what you can do with Cultivating, with Scavenging, with Talisman Making, with Apothecary ... it's very cool, it's very neat. But we don't have all the other things that a lot of players expect, so we're going to add more.

But keep in mind with crafting, in our case, it's quality and not quantity. If you see what we've done with the Cultivation system that's different, with the Apothecary system that's different. This is not just a slimmed-down, recipe based system. This is, you know, a system where you can experiment and innovate - you can really do different things. So it may not be as wide, but boy is it deep, and boy is it interesting. It's certainly different.

WC: So what class are you personally playing right now?

MJ: Ah, Marauder. But I've also got a Sorcerer going.

WC: Really, so you're a Destruction kind of guy?

MJ: Oh, absolutely! I've always said that I am "Destro-geared." I will play Order, I like the White Lion, but I am Destruction, and I do prefer Destruction.

WC: So, Mark, that's pretty much everything I had for you, congratulations, and... oh! One final question!

MJ: Yes?

WC: Are there any plans to bring back Silent Death Online? I loved that game.

MJ: *laughs* Not in the short term. It was one of my favorite games of all time, one of my favorite designs, but not in the short term.

WC: Ah. Well, it was one of my first online game loves, so I figured I had to ask! Well, it was great speaking with you, Mark.

MJ: You too.

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