Interview With Jumpgate Evolution Producer

Suzie Ford | 30 Sep 2008 15:45
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Will NetDevil sponsor any type of PvP events?
I'm assuming we will. I mean we plan on having all kinds of PvP activities in the game but having special kinds of events is always something game developers are looking to do. I would imagine the scale and particulars will come from what players want and it's difficult to speculate on what that might be.

Would you say that Jumpgate is more angled at the casual or hardcore player or is it some sort of hybrid?
I always worry about speculating as to who the customer might be. On the one hand we are certainly making a game that will most likely appeal to the space combat game player. People that played and enjoyed prior space combat games I suspect will find it enjoyable and familiar. That being said we are actively trying to make the game have much broader appeal. Space action games tend to be very hard to learn how to play and time consuming to get into. We are doing lots of things to ease people into it so my hope is that we can reach a whole new group of people that never thought they might like this kind of game.

What elements will attract hardcore players? What elements will attract casual players
A fun game that runs well :). Seriously though, I think that often game developers get carried away with trying to split users into neat little buckets and then figure out which feature feeds which player. I don't think it works that way. I think players tend to like fun game features and the more of them you have the more users you attract. That being said, traditionally hardcore players tend to like PvP, high end "boss" type content whereas casual players tend to enjoy soloable PvE content, social features and things like that. The best way to figure it out, though, is to just go ahead and test the features out and see who likes them and who doesn't.

What type of transaction model will NetDevil use for Jumpgate: Micro-transaction? Monthly subscription? Both? Why was that decision made?
We haven't announced a billing model as of yet.

The beta is fast approaching. When do you anticipate it beginning?
As soon as it's ready.

How many players will be involved?
It's impossible to give precise numbers. Suffice it to say that we plan to ramp it up in response to feedback and player response.

How will they be selected and how will they be informed of their involvement?
There will be many opportunities to get involved with beta. The goal of beta is to get people into the game, playing it and giving us useful information, so obviously standing out in those areas will give people priority. There will most likely be partnerships with sites, contests and so on. Keep an eye on and if you're interested get involved with the community.

How long do you anticipate the beta lasting?
As long as it takes :).

What is the approximate goal for the game's launch?
We want to release next year, but as always the goal is to make sure the game is ready before we release it.

Add any other tidbits/teasers.........PLEASE!
Our lead artist is modeling a new capital ship that is really awesome looking :).

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