Interview with Earthrise CEO

Suzie Ford | 9 Oct 2008 16:00
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Would you consider Earthrise to be a hardcore or a casual game or are there elements of both? What provisions have you made for hardcore players? And for casual players?

Unlike many MMO games on the market today, Earthrise strives to capture the growing audience of seasoned, hardcore players. Features such as looting your opponents, the extensive and complex crafting system, territory conquest on a massive scale, and a player-driven economy that poses problems for the player to solve will bring in players that are looking for more in an MMO. Still, involvement in all of those elements is not required to enjoy the game and casual players can simply become involved in the game's solo-friendly storyline or enjoy casual, consensual PvP duels that serve as training ground for the extensive combinational combat system.

How is it a character can continue to progress even when logged out?

Like a citizen of a developed society, player's character will be able to have a daily job and earn a steady income, even if the player is not logged on and actively playing the game. This income goes to support a portion of the character's adventuring expenses and make it impossible for characters to go broke as long as the player finds a suitable job for their character that fits their expertise. Characters will be able to research and study different skills and professions, and use that knowledge to unlock different jobs. Each job earns Career Experience that goes towards unlocking Achievements with different rewards. The total career experience the player accumulates unlocks new and even more rewarding jobs further on.

What type of vehicles will be included?

Players will be able to buy or craft their own vehicle in the game, ranging from personal gliders to larger hovercrafts. These vehicles will be intended for transportation only. For combat purposes, players will be able to pilot mecha exoskeletons that are capable of dealing an incredible amount of destruction upon the enemy but require expensive fuel to be effective on the battlefield.

Can peripherals be used in Earthrise?

Yes, we will provide flexible key binding and game controllers can be bound to different game actions.

Will there be a beta for Earthrise?

Yes, we plan to start beta testing sometime in Fall this year

When do you anticipate beginning sign ups?

It is too early to tell. Before we begin with the sign ups, we want to make sure that the infrastructure is ready and the game is ready to be tested by people outside of our team.

How long will the beta last?

That will really depend on how long we will need to fix bugs and any issues with the game.

Please add any other tidbits/teasers.

The players will meet a lot of history during the game that dates back to the time before World War 3 until the emergence of the pioneers on the island of Enterra.

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