Mines of Moria Launch Interview with Jeffery Steefel, Part One

John Funk | 18 Nov 2008 18:33
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The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Launch Interview with Jeffery Steefel, Part One

WC: With the launch of Moria, you're launching Book 15, correct? What are the plans for the next update past that?

Jeffery Steefel: Correct. Book 15 basically concludes Volume 1 of our epic story that started with the launch of the game. We launched Volume 1 at launch, and that included Books 1 through 8. Our live updates have been Books 9 through 14, and then Book 15 then concludes the story. So anyone who is logging on to the game after the 18th, whether or not they have the expansion¸ they'll be able to participate in Book 15 and explore most of the new region of Eregion that's in the game now. Only when they get to the end of that - when they've completed Book 14 - does Moria content become available, and that's only if you have the expansion.


So then in Moria, from that point forward, you're entering Volume 2 of our epic story. What we're launching with Moria is Books 1 through 6. We've already started work on Book 7, which will be our first live update after Moria. We're not going to talk about it just yet, but you should look for it around the first quarter of next year.

WC: So you're calling it Volume 2, but you're following the story of the books, and you're nearing the end of Fellowship of the Ring. Will Volume 2 just encompass that, or will it bridge the gap to The Two Towers?

JS: We loosely follow the books, but we're more following the geography of Middle-Earth in the way that it was unveiled by Tolkien - we've never been literally mapped to the books. It gets a little more difficult moving forward because of what begins to happen soon.

WC: The breaking of the Fellowship.

JS: Exactly. So basically, what we know, is that we've entered Moria and come out the other side to Lothlorien, and will spend some time there. We've made our way to the other side of the Misty Mountains, and we've got the whole of Middle-Earth in front of us - everything that's going on in Isengard, in Rohan, Gondor and all these areas adjacent to them. We'll start exploring that, and it's really a matter of how our epic story proceeds. That's governed by how that relates to the story. We're not really following the books, but we're sort of working our way - the epic story and the player's journey - in a path that's directionally similar to the way the Fellowship moved. At this point, though, it gets increasingly hard to literally follow them step by step.

So you'll be in the general vicinity of the second book for a while, there will be clues to where you are in the Tolkien fiction based on where the epic story tells you that the Fellowship is.

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