League of Legends: Marc Merrill Q&A

Suzie Ford | 24 Jan 2009 01:51
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League of Legends is set to take the gaming world by storm in 2009. Designed to give players the opportunity for epic multiplayer arena battles, League of Legends seeks to blur the line between traditional role-playing and strategy games.


1. Please introduce yourselves and give us your game development histories.

Hello! My name is Marc Merrill, I'm the Executive Producer on League of Legends. We actually have quite a few people working on very hard on League of Legends, so it would be a tragedy to not introduce everyone - we've taken a stab at having some fun with our bios so if you're curious about who is behind the game, come take a look at all of us on our website:

2. What is the background of "League of Legends"? How long was the idea floating around before development began?

The idea really began to take shape around the end of 2005. It took almost a year to get Riot off the ground and open our initial office in September of 2006, which is really when we began to build the team to start on development.

League of Legends came to be because a couple of very active DotA community members believed that the gameplay was so fun and innovative that it represented the spawning of a new genre and deserved to be its own professional game with significantly enhanced features and around-game services. Riot's CEO Brandon Beck and I co-founded Riot and partnered with some of the key creative minds behind the creation of DotA-Allstars - Steve "Guinsoo" Feak and Steve "Pendragon" Mescon to accomplish this mission - and League of Legends was born.


3. How many people are working on development?

We have roughly 40 people working on League of Legends including our robust technology platform to service and operate the game.

4. Where are you in the development cycle of League of Legends?

We are gearing up to hit beta and will be making an announcement around when we start accepting users into our initial closed beta test very shortly.

5. How soon before you're ready for alpha/beta testing?

We're far into Alpha and are very close to starting beta. We can't wait to let users get their hands on the game. We'll be making several announcements around Beta on our website and boards, so players should definitely check out

6. Will you have a closed and/or open beta?

Yes and we'll be announcing this very shortly - stay tuned!

7. Do you plan any cross-platform development?

We believe that League of Legends has significant potential to be a cross-platform title but we are currently focused on the PC release.

8. What is the back story for League of Legends?

For centuries, the Rune Wars ravaged the nations and resources of Valoran, decimating populations and wrenching the earth with maelstroms of arcane magic. In the wake of such destruction and desolation, the nations rallied together and assembled the Institute of War, a multinational governing body that would settle all disputes and put an end to centuries-old fighting.

Within the Institute of War lies the League of Legends, where powerful magic users and delegates from each realm assemble to vie for the chance to rule the land. There are no long-winded speeches or ornately drafted documents. Conflicts are resolved on the Fields of Justice, where head-to-head combat between teams of highly trained champions decide the fate of the universe. The stakes are high with the balance of power shifting with every victory or defeat. With the lives of millions of citizens on the line, there is only one rule among those in the league: Winner rules all.

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