Kung Foo!: Laughing Behind the Hero's Back

Suzie Ford | 18 Dec 2009 11:20
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Kung Foo!, an upcoming comedy MMO from Perfect World Entertainment, aims to tape the 'kick me' sign on the back of your epic hero. Foo! will twist and turn the hero's journey, and the hero too, into knots, a perfect parody of the oh-so-serious MMO. Check out WarCry's first look interview with Product Manager Craig Beers and writer Devin Grayson.


Product Manager Craig Beers

1. Why the name Kung Foo!? What's with the !?

We came up with the name Kung Foo! in part because there are both martial arts fighting mixed with the combination that this is a fun, silly type of game. The definition of Foo is something that can stand for anything and we joke that we used Kung Foo! because we couldn't come up with anything better. The ! is there to showcase our enthusiasm for the game.

2. To which age group is KF! geared?

Kung Foo! is definitely geared more towards the mature MMO playing audience, however the younger audience could also play it given the type of in-game humor.

3. Will KF! be F2P?

Yes, Kung Foo! will be free-to-play supported by microtransactions.

4. Would you consider KF! to be a 'slapstick' comedy type of MMO?

There are definitely some jokes that are slapstick humor in Kung Foo!, but isn't limited to it and there are other jokes that are more subtle.

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5. What is the premise of KF!?

Kung Foo! is a parody of the classic hero's journey in MMOs. Players will get a chance to perform heroic deeds, such as searching for the missing princess and reuniting a war-torn realm. There is also a ton of additional content and side quests to help the player find and define their "inner Foo."

6. How does a developer keep up the laugh level?

Since the game was original developed around a Chinese comedy television show, much of the slapstick humor was already in the game. We've just built a storyline around this humor that would resonate with our audience.

7. What classes and races will KF! feature?

Without revealing too much, there will be multiple classes or "disciplines" as we are calling them in the game and players will start off as "grasshoppers." One they have gotten to a certain level, they can choose their discipline, which will be your basic might versus magic and they'll be fun names for each of the classes such as "meatshield" for the tank class.

8. What will the level cap be?

That has yet to be revealed, but it will be exciting to see who will be the first to hit it.

9. Casual or hardcore?

Kung Foo! definitely has something for both audiences. Casual players can enjoy the main quests, while Kung Foo! also has some higher level, more hardcore features such as faction warfare and crafting.

10. Will there be an item mall? What types of items will it have?

We're calling our item mall, the Foo Shop. The Foo Shop will have many items ranging from outfits your toon can wear where you can dress up like Elvis Presley to unicorn mounts.

Head to page 2 to read about award winning comics writer, Devin Grayson. Grayson has gained fame for her acclaimed series "Gotham Knights", "The Titans" and the "Vertigo" series USER.

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