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Suzie Ford | 20 Dec 2008 10:32
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WC: Some would opine that Global Agenda sounds more like a real-time strategy game. How do you answer that comment?

They would be right. The people that say we're a frenetic shooter are also correct, as are the people that claim we're a dynamic RPG with robust character development. Global Agenda is truly a hybrid of game genres, incorporating fast-action PvP gameplay with a serious focus on teamwork and strategic collaboration between agency members and alliances. Individual players will also experience character advancement and other RPG elements.


WC: Is Global Agenda being targeted more to the hardcore or casual gamer?

That's a good question. A lot of people, when they think of MMOs, think hardcore, time commitment, level grinding... and if you don't grind, it may prevent you from playing with your friends who may have more time to earn skills and level up. With Global Agenda we aimed to create an engaging system to satisfy hardcore gamers while still being friendly toward those who only have 30 minutes and want to jump into a match with their agency. But the game is very fun and our world is so immersive that you're probably going to want to explore every part of it.

WC: The 'factions' mentioned in the press release sound similar to a fantasy MMO's guild system. Is that an accurate portrayal?

Actually, what we refer to as an 'agency' is what would be called a guild in any other MMO. When you're ready to really get competitive, you'll want to join an agency and vie for control over strategic locations around the world.

WC: Will Global Agenda have a beta test? If so, when is that likely to happen?

Yes, definitely. We've actually been testing the game internally for over a year. This summer (June 2008) we launched a closed alpha test program that currently has a community of over 1,000 players. We will evaluate our testing status next quarter but I'd say we're 'very near' a closed beta.

WC: What is the anticipated release date for Global Agenda?

As an independent, self-funded studio we have the luxury of answering this question with "when it's ready."

WarCry would like to thank Michal Adam for taking the time to answer our questions.

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