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Bullseye! The Best Arrow Season 3 Moments So Far

Marla Desat | 27 Nov 2014 13:00
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Oliver's Clever Plan in Episode 2: "Sara"

In flashbacks, we learn that one of the first tasks that Amanda Waller sets for Oliver while he is in Hong Kong is to assassinate his best friend, Tommy Merlyn. Tommy has come to Hong Kong because of Oliver. When Oliver dashed away from Waller and her men and tried to send an email to his family, it triggered a notification that Oliver's email account had been activated. Confident that Oliver is still alive, Tommy immediately headed to Hong Kong to track him down. Waller prefers the world thinking that the young billionaire is dead, so she orders Oliver to take care of the problem.

The creative problem-solving that Oliver displays in the flashback scenes in "Sara" shows us The Arrow's best traits. In his effort to avoid killing his friend, Oliver concocts a complicated kidnapping scheme. One he has captured Tommy, he convinces him that the activation of Oliver's email account was a ploy to draw out a wealthy individual to ransom, hopefully one of the Queen family. Oliver's handler, Maseo Yamashiro, helps him with his charade, playing the part of local police who rescue Tommy. It's a short but very cool illustration of the kind of person Oliver is, and the trouble he'll go to in order to protect his friends. It's also nice to see him developing creative ways to solve problems without killing, which was the overarching theme of season two. The flashback scenes really sell the stress that Oliver is under, adding a lot of painful depth to his conversations with Waller last season. Perhaps more importantly, these scenes tell us a lot about who Maseo Yamashiro is. Maseo is willing to work with Oliver on creative solutions, to seek mutually beneficial results, and he's willing to trust Oliver enough to agree to the kidnapping hoax. It shows us how different Maseo is from Waller, and it establishes the bond between Maseo and Oliver that we've seen in later flashbacks.

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