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Bullseye! The Best Arrow Season 3 Moments So Far

Marla Desat | 27 Nov 2014 13:00
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Corto Maltese montage

Making Bows in Episode 3: "Corto Maltese"

In what is otherwise a lackluster episode, there is one moment that stands out to me as brilliantly hilarious. Unable to bring his weapons with him to the island country of Corto Maltese in his quest to track down Thea and assist Diggle with a simple assignment for A.R.G.U.S., Oliver constructs bows and arrows in the most MacGyver-y way possible: using bits and pieces of his hotel room. Now, we know that Oliver is no stranger to trashing hotel rooms, but this is probably the first time he's done it in order to fight a black market info-broker. With the help of duct tape, he assembles his arsenal out of pieces of broken glass, decorative grasses, table legs, and parts of the blinds, somehow ending up with functional weapons.

This skill, the ability to create what he needs out of what is around him, is as astounding as it is hilarious. Making a good bow and arrow isn't easy, and it makes me wonder where Oliver learned this resourcefulness. This is the first time we've seen Oliver build a bow. On the island, he used Yao Fei's bow, and his latest bows are beautiful works of modern construction. Did he spend some time in Russia scrounging and scraping equipment together while learning the language and becoming a Bratva captain? He certainly doesn't seem to be all that resourceful while in Hong Kong. He can't even do his own laundry! Still, I love the way the bows and arrows are revealed so dryly, with a few fast cuts back to the hotel room. Even if it is a little ridiculous, it seems like the kind of thing Oliver would go out of his way to learn.

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