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Bullseye! The Best Arrow Season 3 Moments So Far

Marla Desat | 27 Nov 2014 13:00
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Thea's Kidnapping and Rescue in Episode 4: "The Magician"

Desperate to draw out Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa kidnaps Thea in front of Roy. Unable to fight Nyssa without revealing her new martial arts skills to Roy, Thea submits without a struggle. The sheer volume of frustration, calculation, and aggression that actor Willa Holland delivers in the mere moments of this scene is staggering. It's the best moment for her character so far in this season. It's painful watching her realize that she has no choice but to be a victim in this situation in order to maintain her lies.

The kidnapping leads to the best action scene so far. Oliver arrives as The Arrow to free Thea and take on Nyssa. Their speedy, violent fight moves them through the steamy, dark warehouse, until they are interrupted by the very person Nyssa was trying to draw out -- Malcolm Merlyn. What follows is a breath-holding, arrow-flinging, three-way showdown that culminates in the best monologue I've seen from a TV villain. When John Barrowman lays out all the reasons to believe he's not Sara's murderer, it's like his lines were lifted from the pages of comic books. Barrowman convincingly delivers every line, and this moment sets up the conflict that will come back in full force later this season: the wrath of Ra's al Ghul. When my expectations for the show had been flagging, this scene is what got me excited again for Arrow.

As a bonus, we also get a little moment from Roy that made me burst out laughing. His impressive flip when Nyssa arrives to kidnap Thea is quite rudely interrupted by her tranquilizer dart. Roy continues to waver between fully fledged vigilante and comic relief. Don't worry, Roy, your flip will work eventually.

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