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Bullseye! The Best Arrow Season 3 Moments So Far

Marla Desat | 27 Nov 2014 13:00
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Laurel's Mistake in Episode 5: "The Secret Origin of Felcity Smoak"

In an episode that was a fantastic exploration of Felicity's character, one moment starring Arrow's other leading lady stands out to me. After the hackers start threatening everyone's bank accounts, an angry crowd begins to gather at Starling National Bank. The crowd is demanding to take out their money, and the atmosphere begins to teeter on dangerous. At the same time, Laurel Lance arrives at the police headquarters. The District Attorney is unreachable, so she's the acting D.A. for the crisis. She decides to deploy a riot squad to the bank, but instead of restoring order, the squad only makes things worse. The Arrow and Arsenal have to step in to keep the crowd from turning deadly.

After the fighting has died down, Quentin Lance chastises Laura for her actions. Sending in the riot squad was outside of the scope of her authority, and beyond that, was a terrible choice given the situation. This little scene really highlights the core conflict happening with Laurel this season. She's angry over the murder of Sara, but that rage is repeatedly being used to lash out violently at any problem, regardless of the best solution. Her first thought is always to meet force with force, and if she keeps at it she's likely to get herself killed. From arriving with a gun to kill Simon Lacroix in "Sara" to taking on the abusive boyfriend of a AA member in "Corto Maltese", Laurel is demonstrating just how desperately she is in need of guidance. It's also an interesting parallel with Olvier's relationship with Roy. After Roy was injected with Mirakuru in season 2, Oliver decided that he needed training to help him deal with his anger and to overcome the dangerous mental effects of the drug. Instead of helping Laurel deal with her rage, Oliver has repeatedly chosen to push her away. When he chose to push Roy away, Roy ended up falling into the hands of his enemy. Hopefully, after the events of "Guilty", Oliver has begun to realize exactly how much Laurel needs his support.

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