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Bullseye! The Best Arrow Season 3 Moments So Far

Marla Desat | 27 Nov 2014 13:00
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Tatsu Explodes in Episode 7: "Draw Back Your Bow"

Tatsu Yamashiro kicks serious Triad butt.

In a flashback to his time in Hong Kong, a bullheaded Oliver goes along with Tatsu when her husband fails to return from what was supposed to be a simple meeting with an informant. A group of Triad gang members are meeting on the docks, and Oliver takes the direct approach to asking them about Maseo's fate. It looks like Oliver is about to be a permanent resident of the dark water under the docks when Tatsu dashes in, her katana shining in the low light as she cuts apart the mobsters. Not only is it a great short action sequence, but it's nice to see Oliver being the one needing a rescue.

This flashy fight scene is the first proof we have that Tatsu is more than the quiet housewife we've been seeing all season. In the comics, Tatsu is known as Katana, a hero who has fought on with the Outsiders and the Birds of Prey. In Arrow, Oliver's flashbacks to Hong Kong have hinted that Maseo and Tatsu are more than what they seem, hiding a dark past that drove them from Japan and somehow involves A.R.G.U.S. and the villain Chien Na Wei (China White). Will Tatsu train Oliver in the use of the katana? He may need it if he ends up dueling Thea, who spent the last six months training with swords under Malcolm Merlyn's supervision. Now that would be a fantastic fight!

What do you think? Was your favorite moment on the list? Let me know in the comments!



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