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Five Reasons 'Binge-Watching' Is Bad For Us

David Sayers | 5 Aug 2015 17:00
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However, there is an upside; and as much as I loath to admit it, it comes with the help of Twitter and Facebook. Social media in and of itself is a pretty poor substitute for genuine social interaction much of the time, but if there's one thing it's really, really good at, it's sorting out what you have in common with who. It has never been easier to find interests that you didn't know you had in common with other people. 'Sharing' culture is a melting pot for the kind of topical, water-cooler conversation that can forge new friendships and solidify existing ones. I know my mother and I have recently bonded over Castle, combining her love for procedural US cop-shows, and my love of... well Nathan Fillion, basically.

Now, this in turn may contribute to the problems of point #3. However, the good thing about 'that show everyone is talking about' is that people are actually talking.

All the potential pitfalls aside, it's fairly clear by now that these new avenues of entertainment are here to stay, at least for as long as it takes for the next bright idea to come along and make them obsolete; and somehow, I don't see any future advancements doing anything other than making these problems ever more endemic. Therefore, it's pretty pointless to bemoan the tide as it rushes in, especially when it brings with it so much to be thankful for. That said, just as with every tool and service, there are ways to use, and abuse, the opportunities they offer. Netflix isn't going to check up on you to make sure you're getting a balanced diet of entertainment in your life. My Game of Thrones box-sets don't care about what I'm doing with my spare time. It's up to us, the consumers, to take that responsibility. Our leisure time is ours to spend how we wish, of course, and enjoying the conveniences of the modern age is nothing to feel guilty about. However, I believe we have a duty to ourselves above all, to make sure that we explore a variety of different tastes in a variety of different ways, and that we don't let convenience isolate us.

Now where did I leave my trousers...

David Sayers is an aspiring writer and a long-time contributor to The Escapist forums. If you like his work, be sure to nag him to make a blog or something, so you can check him out on it (he doesn't even use Twitter, the boob)!

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