EVE Online: "The War on the Impossible", Part 1: Introduction

Dana Massey | 5 Nov 2007 22:44
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Typical game companies won't discuss more than one expansion in the future, and build entire updates around new dungeons, races and classes. CCP plans to redo all the art in a nearly five year old game, fully integrate voice chat, launch a completely new avatar system, begin a democratically elected player advocacy council, launch the game on the Mac and Linux, reconfigure the game's base architecture and migrate it to a network of super computers and completely re-write two version's of the game's client to support new visuals and DirectX 10. This is just on the road map for the end of next year, it's all free and doesn't include actual gameplay improvements or any of their many side-projects, like a novel, EVE Web Wars, a trading card game and, of course, World of Darkness Online, a completely new AAA MMOG project.

All of this does not mean they're flawless. Originally, the expansion now called Trinity was just a third of a larger expansion originally called Kali and due to launch quite some time ago. Sometimes, their imaginations get the better of their production timelines, but as they explained each area of expansion, they made clear they had plans in place to make sure they achieve their targets.


For example, in Ambulation, players should not expect combat; the graphics upgrades are confined to space objects and not space itself; and DirectX 10 support has been pushed back until more users adopt Vista and the necessary hardware.

The goal of everything for CCP is to grow their world. Petursson projects the game will surpass 400,000 subscribers in two years, effectively doubling their current universe. In the near future, they hope the population of their virtual world surpasses that of their native Iceland and at some point in 2008, the number of player man-years spent inside EVE will surpass 250,000, which means more human effort will have been spent in the construction of EVE's society than is estimated on the construction of the pyramids.

Over the course of this week, WarCry will bring you a series of focused articles that look at the upcoming Trinity expansion, Ambulation, the world's economy, CCP's "democratic" initiatives and a look at the general plan for EVE's future.

As we continue this week's articles, we will bring you more focused pieces. Here is the list:
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