Dungeons & Dragons Online: Module 7: The Way of the Monk Preview

Tim Turner | 30 May 2008 19:41
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As the launch of Module 7: The Way of the Monk for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach nears, I had the chance to take a tour of the new content with the Turbine crew. My hosts for the evening were Kate Paiz, Senior Producer; Ian Currie, Design Director; Stephen Muray, Lead


Systems Designer; Damien Foletto, Lead Content Designer; Brent Walton, Content Designer; Jesse Smith, Content Designer; and Greg Yungman, Systems Designer.

Currently scheduled for free release on June 3, Module 7 offers a new playable class, improvements to existing areas to ease leveling, new Fog of War functionality not to mention a buyback feature at vendors. Other features include new quests in Three Barrel Cove and the 12-man raid zone under the Marketplace Tent site, and quiver bags for archers. It is a lot of new content to explore, but the folks at Turbine are expert tour guides.


We began by checking out the highly anticipated class addition to DDO: the Monk. Personally, in pen & paper Dungeons & Dragons, I was never much of a monk player; I always leaned towards the Ranger or Wizard. In DDO, however, I have to say the Monk was pure awesome fun to play.

The monk class is available to all players, so there is no need to build favor or anything along those lines. Stephen Muray gave a brief overview of how the class works: The monk is a bit different from the other classes in that he uses "ki" to perform many moves. In many respects, this is similar to spell points for a mage class, but a big difference is that the Monk's ki increases throughout the battle and fades out of combat, whereas a mage class starts with spell points that deplete over the course of a conflict.


With my handwraps cinched tight, I started testing out the Monk's moves by spinning, kicking, tumbling and punching. Most crucial (or at least fun) was leaping across the room in a single bound using the Abundant Leap ability. Those Kobolds aren't getting away from me anymore.

The Monk can follow many paths of life, such as the Ocean, Wind, Mountain, and Fire. By concentrating enhancement points in these paths, you can heal, increase protection and/or do more damage with your attacks.

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