Allods Online: Invincible

Jim H. Moreno | 10 Dec 2009 22:18
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Allods Online is one of the newest upcoming MMORPGs which is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime this winter. Created, developed, and published by a Russian team of Astrum Nival and Gala-Net, Allods Online (known internationally as Rage of Mages) will be a F2P (free to play) MMORPG with an obvious World of Warcraft flair, yet very unique in its own respect.
I was graciously given a chance to dive into the current closed beta, and must admit that my time in it took away from my regular playing of the MMORPGs I am subscribed to. Yes, I think it's that good, and that fun, even now in beta, but it still has a way to go to smooth out a good many play aspects.

One of the many (and I think BEST ways) for an MMORPG to hold its' own individuality amongst the genre is to foremost have a compelling and engaging storyline. This story has to grab a player's interest right from the start, for it may very well decide whether or not a player keeps playing beyond the tutorial. Allods Online does this, and does it well.

Allods Online, and the world of Sarnaut, will start with two major factions available for play: the Empire and the League. This article will briefly describe the intro story for the Empire. Keep checking back to WarCry for the next article that will tell the League's beginning story.


After going through the expected character creation process, characters begin standing alone in a cabin of a ship. Players may wish to take this calm before the storm to inspect their characters closely. Open the Settings and familiarize yourself with the hot keys, and make any graphical or audio changes you wish. One of my favorites things to do is to check out the emotes, and write down those that look and sound especially fitting for my character.

Approaching the cabin door, it opens to reveal a grizzled orc, who immediately begins barking orders at you. You learn that the ship is called 'Invincible', and that it is currently under attack by the League. The orc orders you to equip your weapon, then speak with the quartermaster standing nearby.

The quartermaster makes sure you have your weapon in hand, then hands you a Battle Cocktail and says for you to drink it. He tells you it's "a potent little shot of invigorating, revitalizing, liquid courage". Amid the sounds of incoming and outgoing canon fire, it sounds like just the thing needed for whatever is about to happen.


After you gulp down the cocktail, the orc once again sounds off with orders for you, this time with the command to fight off an incoming invasion party. Thankfully you're not alone, as there are five others you join just as the enemy warriors and their leader rush down the steps and attack.

The leader seeks you out and engages you in direct combat, but your mates may help if they can. After a short, fierce fight, one you hopefully make it through, the orc commands your attention. he tells you the League assault troops have taken the ships' arsenal, and it's your duty to take it back. While you're there, look for a scientist named Sarang Minx.

Running ahead of your fellow soldiers, you enter the arsenal and are quickly set upon by the enemy, but your battle buddies are right behind you. The fighting is fast and furious, and soon the arsenal is secured. You spot the scientist Minx tied and kneeling against the far wall and make your way over to him just as the ship's intercom announces that one League ship has been destroyed, with one remaining.

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