Allods Online: Invincible

Jim H. Moreno | 10 Dec 2009 22:18
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Minx tells you that the League attack is no mere show of force, but that they are specifically after the contents of the safe next to him. The item inside is a highly classified activation key, but he declines to say what it activates. Instead, he tells you that the key is no longer safe, and that you must take it to the First Mate.

Exiting the arsenal brings you onto one of the Invincible's canon decks, currently in flames, but still in the fight. A couple of the canons are still in operation, firing away as quickly as they can, and another canon is without a firer. Senior Bombardier Odzhi mans his post here, and upon seeing you, quickly orders you to man the silent canon and fire until you score a direct hit on the League ship. A technician is busy repairing the exit door anyway, so until it opens, you may as well make yourself useful.


Firing the canon is a simple affair, and after a couple of shots, you hit the enemy ship. Odzhi congratulates you, and says that your shot luckily hit the enemy ship's power line, taking it down. He rewards you with a piece of equipment from a wounded crew mate, and allows you to be on your way now that the door has been repaired.

Advancing through the Invincible, you soon come to the bridge, where you see Captain Kazimiz Blader and First Mate Aleksey Grubin in animated discussion over the combat at hand. When you tell the First Mate of your mission, he says that it has changed the battle plans, and he'll have to discuss it further with the captain. He also tells you to keep hold of the activation key, as it now seems safer in your possession.


Captain Blader then asks what is wrong with the reactor, and the Navigator replies, saying the port shields have been destroyed. Captain Blader then turns to you with new orders: go to the reactor room, speak with Sarang Kafiri there, and find out what's wrong with the reactor.

Running through a few more bulkheads deeper into the ship, you come to the reactor room, and quickly identify the problem. It is under attack by a party of League soldiers, including three hulking Fire Elementals! Between you and the reactor is a force field being sustained by an enemy cleric. Sarang Kafiri and his two technicians stand close by, seemingly unable to halt the attack.


Kafiri grabs your attention, and tells you what is transpiring. Handing you a neutralizer, he commands you to try using it to help the techs take down the force field. if you can, you are then to go in and eliminate the Fire Elementals. The neutralizer does indeed help, and as it falls, so does the cleric. The techs follow you in as you rush to take on the Elementals, who do not stop attacking the reactor until they are hit.

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