Allods Online: Invincible

Jim H. Moreno | 10 Dec 2009 22:18
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Once the reactor room is secure, Kafiri tells you that a League Crusader has stolen something called the "device". He also stops short of telling you what the device is, only that you have the activation key for it. You are to take this info to the captain and let him know. On cue, Captain Blader and the First Mate come to the reactor room. When you tell him the news, and suggest an assault team to go retrieve the device, he says he simply cannot afford to spare soldiers for an assault. Instead, you will be the assault team!

Captain Blader also informs you that the device is a highly specialized personal transporter, capable of instantly teleporting soldiers from the front lines back to the rear. He adds that, though it's a piece of crap, it's "the only complete prototype in the Empire right now so we need to get it back!"

Dashing out the other side of the reactor room, the corridor leads to the outside deck. You come out just in time to see the League Crusader tell his soldiers to fight you as he steps onto the ships' teleporter and is transported back to his ship.


But that isn't what really gains your attention. This is stolen rather by the colossal Astral Monster just off port side that is testing the Invincible's name to the full extant! An immense blue creature, with tusks as long as near half the ship, and who is breathing some intense blue-white energy into the hull of the ship. As quick as ever, you dispatch the Crusader's guards and sprint to the teleporter -

- and suddenly find yourself on the deck of the enemy ship, just in time to watch the Invincible succumb to the Astral Monster and explode into the ethereal, with not a trace remaining. Momentarily stunned, you manage to gain your senses to engage the smaller Astral Monsters and League Soldiers on deck. The huge beast turns its attention to this ship, and you see the League Crusader Gradimir Whiteof encased in a protective bubble shield, fighting the monstrosity.


As the final Soldier falls, you turn to face Whiteof, who doesn't seem to notice you, or perhaps has not the time nor energy. You quickly make use of the activation key and aim it at Whiteof's shield, and it is swiftly negated. Whiteof finally turns his attention to you, and you see that his battle with the Monster has left him weak and battered. Wasting no more time, you strike him down as the Monster makes an assault on the ship. Once Whiteof falls dead to the deck, the personal transporter and the activation key instantly connect. Just as the ship begins to explode, you are snatched away to a far away and much safer place.

Caught your breath yet? Allods Online has a lot going for it right now, and that intro is one of many. As the news of Allods Online spreads, it also seems to be garnering some high expectations. Stay tuned for the next part of this article, where I'll show you the League side of the story. If you'd rather not wait, then click over to the Allods Online website ( and sign up for the closed beta test #2. Better yet, I have two beta keys I'll pass to the first two I see who tweet or retweet this article on Twitter. Just make sure to include @jimmoreno in your tweet so I'll see it!

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